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Q: What does "come accross "and what are the different uses it has mean?
A: “to come across” means to pass by something or discover something.

For example:

I came across a photo of my mother when she was younger.

I came across this wonderful coat in the mall yesterday.
Q: What does "come accross " the most frequent uses give me one example about each one please. mean?
A: “come across” means to find or see while doing something else.

“I am going to go on a hike. I hope I do not come across a bear”

“I was walking to my house and came across a few kids running outside”

There is also another use. It can mean that someone appears to be a certain way. This is a casual phrase

“Laura gave me an old sweater to me as a present. It came off as strange”

“I am going on a job interview. I hope I come off as responsible”

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Q: What is the difference between it's accross from the post office. and it's opposite of the post office. ?
A: They mean the same! I think “across” is a bit broader, as “opposite” is directly across, and “across” is either diagonally across or directly in front of, but both are very similar and can be used interchangeably
Q: What is the difference between accross and through ?
A: Both mean passing.
Across - Ex. Moving over a Bridge
Through - Ex. Going in and out of a tunnel

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Q: I came accross the book I had been looking for .
Does this sound natural?
A: Perfect 😊

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