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Q: What does a perfumed chewy
A: Perfumed and chewy are both adjectives.
Perfumed means "smells nice".
Chewy means it's soft, like a soft cookie, or a piece of taffy.
Perfumed is not a word usually used with food, but the person who wrote it was trying to be poetic.
Q: What does chewy mean?
A: It describes the consistency of when you eat something. Taffy would be described as chewy
Q: What does chewy (chewy cookies) mean?
A: Soft cookies.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with chewy .
A: That meat was chewy.
That sweet was chewy.
The food was quite chewy.
Q: Please show me example sentences with chewy .
A: This (meat,gum,..) is so chewy

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Q: What is the difference between How chewy is this? and How about this chewy ? ?
A: With the first question (How chewy is this?), it means that you are asking how hard is the thing you put in your mouth to chew. For example, I could ask “How chewy is the steak?”, and someone could respond with “Extremely chewy” or “Hard”. However, I would just ask something along the lines of “How hard is the steak to chew?”.

For the second question, I looked up to see if there was another definition for the word “Chewy”. Apparently, according to Google and people can say I am wrong, the word “Chewy” can also mean “gum”. So when you say “How about this chewy”, it would mean you are asking how good the gum is. However, usually when someone says “How about this/that”, they are trying to break the ice in a conversation or get a conversation flowing. For example, someone could ask “So how about that weather?” It isn’t really meant to be answered per se, just to start a conversation.
Q: What is the difference between chewy and chewy and tender ?
A: chewy is were you chewing like your bubble gums

chewy and tender are the same while your chewing your bubble gum you can feel the tender of it

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? chewy
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: It tastes very chewy and spicy. Does this sound natural?
A: It feels very chewy and tastes spicy.
Q: How chewy this noodle is!
A: Perfect! Yes, you should say "How chewy these noodles are!"
Q: It's soft and chewy and I think the sweetness is very moderate. I like the dessert. Does this sound natural?
A: - I like this dessert.
Q: I baked some soft chewy double chocochip cookies. It's all natural organic ingredients without chocolate I used. The taste is nice and chewy! Some of chocolate are still melting now ! I love to eat them with some milk! Does this sound natural?
A: I baked some soft and chewy double choc chip cookies from all natural and organic ingredients. They taste so delicious and chewy! Some of the chocolate is still melting now! I love to eat them with a glass of milk.

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