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Q: What does Chicks dig it. mean?
A: girls like it or understand it
Q: What does Chicks dig love, man mean?
A: @Kat_Gayle@PentagonLuv Than you guys

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Q: A: Chicks are cheeping.
B: Chicks are tweeting.
C: Chicks are chirping.
D: Chicks are peeping.

Hello! Do you think they are correct? I mean they are natural sounding? Thank you.
A: Yes it makes sense. However, your last sentence is unnatural. “I mean they are natural sounding?”

It should be, “I mean are they natural sounding?”
Q: Chicks and dicksは仲間という意味ですか?
A: アメリカで聞いたことがありません。侮蔑的に聞こえます。
Q: Chicks called in japan ”Hiyoko” and hiyoko means only chickens baby.Not say hiyoko other birds baby. Does this sound natural?
A: In Japan, chicks are called 'Hiyoko'. It only refers to baby chickens (chicks), not to other baby birds.

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