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Q: What does coasters mean?
A: 1.
a small mat for a bottle or glass.
a ship used to carry cargo along the coast from port to port.
a person who inhabits a specified coast.
"a West coaster"
Q: What does a one-speed with a coaster brake mean?
A: We describe types of bikes by how many "speeds" they have. This refers to how many gears they have. A mountain bike could be an "11 speed", which means it has 11 gears. This allows you to ride the bike in many different terrains.

So, a 1 speed bike is a bike with only one gear. You can't really do anything besides a casual bike ride on a one speed.

coaster brakes are the type of brakes on a bike where you reverse the pedals to stop the wheels. Most bikes use hand brakes on the handles.

So a 1 speed bike with coaster brakes is a very casual bike that isn't made to do anything other than an easy bike ride down a smooth road. A lot of kids start off learning how to ride a bike on a 1 speed bike with coaster brakes.
Q: What does coaster mean?
A: Un coaster es algo en que puedes poner una taza para evitar el círculo de agua que forma en la mesa si no lo usas. También es corto para “roller coaster” que es una atracción que va muy rápido

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Q: Please show me example sentences with 'coaster'.
A: which meaning of coaster are you looking For?

there is coaster as in what you put your drink on to protect a table.

"please you a coaster with your drink."

there is coaster that is short for roller coaster.

"I just road that coaster! it was awesome!"

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Q: What is the difference between coasters and cup holder ?
A: Coaster you can put on a tabel under your drink, cup holder is in your car
Q: What is the difference between coaster and placemat ?
A: place mat= mantel individual
coaster= posavasos

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? coaster
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: This coaster is made of fabric rather than wood.

This coaster is made of fabric rather than wood.

This coaster is made of fabric not wood.

Are they all correct?
A: "This coaster is made of fabric rather than wood." -- Yes
"This coaster is made of fabric, not wood." -- Add a comma.
Q: The coaster is stuck on the bottom of the cup.
Does this sound natural?
A: It is better to say " The coaster is stuck to the bottom of the cup."
Q: This coaster won't suck water well. Does this sound natural?
A: You should use absorb instead of suck as the coaster isn't actively sucking the water.
Q: What does he say?
A: And he is not saying " I start". He is actually saying " I star". Meaning he is starring in a movie.

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