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Q: What does Weak credentials

(See the highlighted text) mean?
A: If someone had weak credentials, it would mean they didn't have the education or experience required to perform the job well.
Q: What does credentials

e.g. Maria sent him her credentials and he will forward them to his HR colleagues. mean?
A: The abilities and experience that make someone suitable for a particular job or activity, or proof of someone's abilities and experience

All the candidates had excellent academic credentials.
She was asked to show her press credentials.

Q: What does green credentials mean?
A: A positive reputation for helping the environment
Q: What does educational credentials mean?
A: I don't know the context so it could either refer to what is your educational background (schooling, achievements, etc,.) or what experience and knowledge do you have to work in education.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with credentials. Is it just a synonym of "documents"? or you mean some specific documents by this word?.
A: Credentials are a specific type of document that usually refer to some qualification or achievement.

For example, academic diplomas, academic degrees, and certifications are considered credentials. When you’re applying for a job, the employer might ask for your credentials to see if you’re qualified.

Hope this helps!
Q: Please show me example sentences with credentials.
A: “When I was pulled over by the police the police officer asked me to show my credentials.”
“He had a list of credentials.”

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Q: What is the difference between credentials and certificate ?
A: Credentials are similar to professional licenses or permits - for example

I went to school to obtain my teaching credentials

A certificate is commonly used to describe a piece of paper upon which a certification (or license or permit) is conveyed - for example

My teaching certificate is hanging on the wall in my office
Q: What is the difference between credentials and qualifications ?
A: Credentials are given by a university or a state/country saying the person is qualified to perform certain services. Qualifications are a person's strengths for the position. Qualifications can be prior experience or skills the person has.
Q: What is the difference between credentials and career ?
A: Credentials are accomplishments (including passing certification tests, getting licenses, or earning degrees) that indicate skills or capabilities.

A career is the series of experiences a person has in their work, typically involving a high level of training and practice, such as for "professionals" like doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.. A career is a path or journey.

Other questions about "Credentials"

Q: What does "revoke the credentials" or "lose their credentials" mean?
Does it mean Journalists whose credential is deprived of can not enter White House?
Or can they not work as journalists?

House Democrats also plan to investigate whether Mr. Trump used what Mr. Schiff called “instruments of state power” to try to punish The Washington Post and CNN, whose journalists asked questions of the president that Mr. Trump did not like. The White House revoked the credentials of the CNN correspondent Jim Acosta last week after Mr. Acosta confronted Mr. Trump at a raucous news conference, and the president has warned that more journalists may lose their credentials.
A: They only lose White House access. They can still work as journalists.

There will be some cases where someone "losing his credentials" means not being able to work anymore. But that is only in cases where we know you MUST have credentials to do that job, like certain teaching jobs (teaching license).

In this case, we know it's only referring to White House access because there are no official "journalist credentials" needed to be a journalist and "White House credentials" are a common thing we are used to hearing about.
Q: What does "conservative credentials" mean?
Did Trump embrace the "conservative credentials" and ignore the "heavy baggage"?
What does the write want to say??

WASHINGTON — Bill Shine, a former co-president of Fox News hired this month as President Trump’s communications chief, brought conservative credentials and heavy baggage with him into the White House. President Trump embraced the former and ignored the latter.

Mr. Shine, now struggling to limit the damage from Mr. Trump’s performance on Monday with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, was ousted from Fox News last year in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal at the network.

Mr. Shine was never publicly accused of harassment, but he was accused in multiple civil lawsuits of covering up misconduct by Roger E. Ailes, the founding chairman of Fox News, and dismissing concerns from colleagues who complained.
A: It reads like the writer is making fun of Bill Shine. Republicans are conservative and so Bill Shine brought his Conservative credentials. Meaning he brought his identification stating he's very republican minded.
Heavy baggage is used when someone is coming with a burden. She brought her baggage one would say when "She" comes with five children.

So he embraced the fact that Bill is a republican and ignored the fact that he comes with a burden.
Q: What does 'credentials' mean in the following sentence: Environmentally,the e-bike's credentials are hard to fault.
A: Abilities, but it has a shade of meaning here. Credentials refer to people's backgrounds and achievements which are supported by some evidence. An example would be academic credentials which are supported by the degrees that you have.

I think what the sentence is implying is that the e-bike has certain abilities and attributes which can be backed up by other sources of evidence such as tests and reviews.
Q: She inflated her credentials. What does that mean?
A: she exaggerated her credentials

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