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Q: What does crescendo mean?
A: Gradual increase in the loudness of a music. (Music term)
Q: What does There is no crescendo, however tempting it might be to insert one. mean?
A: A crescendo [kreshendo] is an increase in dynamic (in music). Dynamic is how loud or quiet a piece is played. So the sentence says “There is no increase in the volume however much I/we might want to add one.” I hope this makes sense :)
Q: What does crescendo mean?
A: it means to increase. for example, when playing an instrument, the sheet music will sometimes tell you to crescendo. this means to increase volume.

hope that makes sense :3
Q: What does crescendo mean?
A: Crescendo is a gradual acceleration on the rhythm of a music, usually when it's preparing the atmosphere for the chorus.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with crescendo.
A: I think crescendo is most commonly used to describe music or noise.

Example: The car's engine sound rose to a crescendo. (This means the engine slowly got louder and louder).

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? crescendo rápido
A: growing fast

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Q: What does "a crescendo" mean in the lyrics of "Smooth Criminal" of Michael Jackson?
A: It means getting louder. It's most often used in regards to a musical score.

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