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Q: What does 'My dart time for class is 7am'
In this sentence, What is dart time??
Q: What does the dart mean?
A: It can mean several things:
A dart, a small item with a sharp point that you throw at a board. (Game) I missed all of my darts.

To dart, quickly running around. I darted around the mall for clothes
Q: What does make a dart for the closest exist. mean?
A: "Make a dart for" means to quickly run to somewhere.

"The house was on fire so I made a dart for the closest exit."

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Q: What is the difference between dart away and dart off ?
A: they mean the same thing, with perhaps a very minor difference. “dart away” is usually done in relation to something else — “he darted away from the falling tree.” “dart off” is more general — “he darted off into the forest.”

there are cases where you can use either, though — “she darted off into the night” and “she darted away into the night” both sound perfectly natural.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? dart
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? dart
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: The dart has Velcro underneath, so it can stick to the dartboard made of cloth.
Does it sound natural?
A: It's correct, but in most situations, a little unnatural.
If you mean to use a definite article "the", then it sounds more natural to say "stick to the cloth dartboard"; *unless* you mean a specific dartboard as opposed to a different one. In such case, the original sentence is the best and most natural.

With an indefinite article "a" both ways sound good: "stick to a dartboard made of cloth" and "stick to a cloth dartboard".
Q: Your first dart missed the target.
Your first dart missed the mark.
Are both correct?
Q: There was a dart competition.
Our team got first place at the final and recieved the rewarding money.
Does this sound natural?
A: There was a dart competition.
Our team got first place at the final and recieved the reward money.
Q: "he threw the dart at the smack dab in the middle of the target" Does this sound natural?
A: "He threw the target smack dab in the middle of the target."

You could also use "smack bang" instead of "smack dab." I think it might be a bit more common. Not too sure though, it's just that I've personally never heard "smack dab" before.
Q: What is a dart gun? What's the difference between gun?
What does "she was just lining it up with the back of Paddington's hat" mean?
Why did he say "son"? (can i help you, son?) I think he must know the person is not his son.
What does "dodgy adverts in a public place" mean?
A: "Lining up" the gun is "taking aim".

Was Millicent in disguise? Normally "son" would be from an older man to a boy.

Is she in a phone box? The phone boxes in London are known to have many prostitutes' cards in them.

Mr Curry interrupted her shot so Paddington is OK at the moment.

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