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Q: What does depiction mean?
A: A depiction of something is a visual representation of something. Common depictions are in paintings, movies, and photographs. Usually it is used to refer to an idea or a type of people or some other abstract concept that is depicted in art. For example:

The concept of motherhood is depicted in Madonna and Child paintings.

The depiction of black people in that movie was racist.

I loved how Sanora Babb depicted Oklahomans in her novel, Whose Names Are Unknown.

Depictions of animals can be seen in ancient cave paintings.
Q: What does "depiction" mean?
A: Algo que es representado en
1) una forma ilustrado, por ejemplo Guernica (Picasso) is a depiction of the horror of war/es una representación del horror de la guerra
2) una caracterización en palabras -
The poems of Siegfried Sassoon are a depiction of the horrors of war/Los poemas de Siegfried Sassoon son una representación de los horrores de la guerra
Q: What does depiction mean?
A: Illustration or description of something

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Q: Please show me example sentences with depiction.
A: This image is a depiction of what happened at the crime scene.
This depiction shows what may have happened when she fell.

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Q: What is the difference between depiction
and description



A: *talking about an art peice in a museum

"I think this art is depicting the war we have within ourselves"

*talking about a picture

"this picture is depicting a tree and a lake"

*paragraph below art work

"this paragraph describes what is being depicted in the artwork"

*man who was assaulted talking to cops

"The man is describing what happened to him"

*girl is singing about a breakup

"She is expressing her broken heart through song."

*looking at an artwork

"This woman has expressed her need for love through art"
Q: What is the difference between depiction and description ?
A: "depiction"

1) representation in an image.

Example: painting, illustration

2) representation in words.

Example: this poem depicts my life.

1 is more commonly used.


1) representation through words.

Example: I traveled to a new country. In my text message, I sent a description of what I saw to my friend.
Q: What is the difference between depiction and description and portrait ?
A: Depiction means a representation of something visually. Description is like information about or describing something. Portrait has multiple meanings, a portrait (picture) of someone or portrait as in vertical and not landscape (horizontal).

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 오물오물 ( a depiction of the way someone eats, mouth full, lips closed, not making much sound, usually eating so cute and makes the other person wanna feed more )
A: I think the closest equivalent to 오물오물 is “om nom nom” in English, except this is a way of depicting someone making noises as they eat. It’s a cute way of describing the sounds someone makes when they’re enjoying a meal.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? depiction
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? depiction
A: I said it twice just Incase :)

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Q: Which makes for a really cool depiction of two pilots talking.

What does "makes for" mean in this context?
A: To produce or create a situation.
Q: While I am concerned that the explicit depiction of that graphic novel might emotionally affect the students’ perceptions of the issue, it is not healthy to hide inconvenient truths from them. We should allow them to know the facts and have the opportunity to discuss them while providing them with proper advice. Does this sound natural?
Q: This is a depiction of a scene in which a woman is walking along a street. What does this mean, especially “pluck” ?

Karina plucks a Tootsie Roll wrapper from the street and pockets it.

A: Ok I got it! Karina picked up a garbage (the wrapper) on the street whose inside was already empty!
Q: What do you know depiction to hiragana? Does this sound natural?
A: 日本語で何が言いたい?

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