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Q: What does I had dibs on her since high school mean?
A: dibs is like first pick. So if someone has dibs they claim ownership or rights, even though they usually can’t actually own the thing they’re claiming like a girl in this case. It is usually used by younger people and kids. The phrase “I had dibs on her since high school” means that he’s liked her since high school and is saying (probably to a friend) that he wants her, implying his friend shouldn’t get the chance to be with the girl in question because he’s liked her longer. Other examples of calling dibs: I call dibs on the front seat! I had dibs on the swings, Frank. Hey, I had dibs on the leftovers!
Q: What does dibs on mean?
A: The right to get to do something or have something instead of or before someone else. It’s pretty casual though
Q: What does dibs on someone/something mean?
A: It means that you’ve said that something is yours, as in “I’ve got dibs on the front seat”
Q: What does dibs mean?
A: Dibs mean to claim something as your own.
Let's say you and group of friends are sharing some candy. You can say "Dibs on the chocolates!" And that means you want all the chocolate.

Or if you are riding in a car you can say "Dibs on shotgun" means you call the passenger seat as your own
Q: What does dibs mean?
A: It means to choose something first!
For example: I called dibs on the biggest slice of pizza.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with 'I call dibs'.
A: "I call dibs on the front seat! You can sit in the back."

"Don't eat the leftover food from dinner, Johnny. I called dibs."
Q: Please show me example sentences with dibs / call dibs.
A: Examples:
I call dibs on the first seat!!
Dibs on the last fry!
I call dibs on that cute girl!!
Q: Please show me example sentences with dibs/ dibs on/ call dibs.
A: "I call dibs on first slice of cake!"
"Dibs on first shower when we get home."
"I called dibs first!"

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Q: What is the difference between dibs and right ?
A: Well it depends on the sentence dibs and right can both refer to having ownership of something. But dibs is more colloquial speech (口语话). Right is more powerful has more emphasis and is more formal (正式)。 Dibs is more like a colloquial slang (俚语, 口语).
The difference is very subtle really. If you say:

Hey! I called dibs! That's mine! - it seems as though you are childish and immature.

Hey! I have the right to eat that! That's mine! - seems you are more entitled.

Right is emphasizing on entitlement, you have ability to do something because of who you are and your status.

Dibs is a childish thing, its used by people who are immature like children and want to argue that something should be their's even if they don't deserve it. Calling dibs is rather like territorial. Sometimes men will use this on women treating them like objects saying that he called "dibs" on this woman. It is not formal speech and might make you seem foolish if you are trying to be sophisticated and use this word.

Hope this helped you, sorry I explained in English. My Chinese is not good enough to explain this to you..

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Q: What does the slang“call dibs on”means?
A: It can also be used as “I call first dibs!”

Used this way would mean you just declared yourself first in line to choose something for yourself, like the first/best slice of pizza.
Q: I called dibs! Don't get any ideas anyway! She wanted to spend a little bit time with me throughout the winter Does this sound natural?
A: i thought maybe this was supposed to be angry or something..
soo i changed it around to sound more natural.

volume warning

She wanted to spend time with me. I called dibs! soo back off!
Q: What does first dibs mean?
A: First dibs: be the first to take or do whatever is being offered
I take first dibs on the cake
She took first dibs on the slide
Q: Why don't we have dibs on a seat first?
(a conversation with a friend Before ordering coffee at a cafe)

Is there another expressions? Does this sound natural?
A: "Why don't we choose a table/place to sit first?"

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