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Q: Please show me example sentences with disgusted.
A: She was disgusted at his rude behavior.

That show disgusted me.

What he did disgusted me, and I will not forgive him.

Disgusted means “grossed out”, “horrified”, “shocked” or “sickened”.

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Q: What is the difference between disgusted and terrible ?
A: Disgusting is used more to describe something gross, and terrible is more to describe something bad or horrible. Like you’d say “Those rotting vegetables look disgusting,” or, “The roads look terrible to drive on right now”
Q: What is the difference between disgusted at and disgusted by ?
They pretty much are, but the wording needs to change in order to shift the thing you are talking about to the correct form.

--for example

"The Board was disgusted by the insubordination shown by the workers."

In this sentence, "by" could be replaced by "at" however:

"I was disgusted by his actions."

Here, "by" is also replaceable, but it sounds so unnatural its almost incorrect (to me at least).

Basically, they can be, but you run a bigger risk sounding unnatural if you use "at". "By" is generally safer. (Also exceptions always exist so keep an eye out for those😝😝)
Q: What is the difference between disgusted and disgusting ?
A: Its -ed and -ing. So -ed is used to describe a person and -ing is used to describe something.
Eg. I'm disgusted by someone.
Eg. This food looks disgusting.
Q: What is the difference between disgusted and disgusting ?
A: Disgusted is a feeling you have.
"I am disgusted by that garbage"

Disgusting is a word to describe something.
"That garbage smells disgusting"

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Q: I’m more disgusted? Or I’m also disgusted?
A: Thank you🙂

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