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Q: What does flagrant disregard mean?
A: Flagrant = obvious; can't be hidden
Disregard = lack of concern or care

The man ignored the sign and lit a cigar in flagrant disregard of the rules of the restaurant.
Q: What does disregard.... mean?
A: When you disregard something, you ignore it. (He disregards my feelings when he looks at other women.)
Q: What does disregard mean?
A: To not pay attention, ignore
Q: What does disregard for mean?
A: It means you have no confidence or belief or trust or respect in the thing that is being discussed.


"I have complete disregard for his opinions" means that you have no belief in his opinions.

The question, "Why do you have such disregard for him?" is asking why you have so little respect for him.

Another version that you may hear for the question above is, "Why do you have such high disregard for him?" which is asking why you have essentially no respect at all for him.
Q: What does disregard mean?
A: La mejor traducción para 'disregard' es ignorar.

Cuando tú 'disregard' un opinión de alguien, estás ignorando ese opinión.

He told me how terrible the movie was, but I disregarded his opinion.
Él me dijo que que terrible fue la película, pero ignoré su opinión.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with disregard .
A: Disregard anything I say, it may not be reliable :-).

Disregard the notice given by the authorities, they don't understand the situation.

Disregard the previous alert, it was a false alarm.

His actions demonstrate a complete disregard for his own safety.

He has a complete disregard for how he looks.

Q: Please show me example sentences with disregard.
A: Please disregard what I said before.
Q: Please show me example sentences with disregard .
A: She shows little disregard for danger.
He showed disregard for his own safety.
Please disregard the mess.
He did it in disregard of any advice.
Hope these helped :)
Q: Please show me example sentences with regardless and disregard.
A: Regardless: it doesn't make a difference
Disregard: ignore
Q: Please show me example sentences with disregard .
A: I know you already sent me your picture, so if you get a email requesting one again, just disregard it.

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Q: What is the difference between disregard and ignore ?
A: so, say you and a friend were talking about a girl. he's telling you how pretty and sweet she is and you just ignore everything he says. in this case, you refused to hear what he said. but, if you heard him but disagree, then you can disregard his statements 😊😊 hope that helped!!!
Q: What is the difference between He disregards a law. and He neglects a law. ?
A: まずは、He neglects a lawとは言いません。He neglects to follow the lawが正しいです。

He disregards the law.

He neglected to follow the law
Q: What is the difference between "disregard" and "dismiss" ?
A: The first, you don't pay attention to something in the first place. The second, you pay attention to it, then stop.
Q: What is the difference between disregard and neglect and ignore ?
A: All of these words mean "to not pay attention to someone/something". The connotations are a little different for each.

ignore = the most general and neutral; usually a one-time happening
disregard = negative; implies that you think it is not worthy of your attention; you can disregard something abstract (a fact, someone's advice, the law) but you can't disregard a person or animal
neglect = very negative; implies a continuous pattern of not paying attention, to the point of being abusive or cruel

Sue ignored the cat. = Sue didn't pay attention to the cat this one time
Sue neglected the cat = Sue constantly forgets to care for the cat; Sue is cruel to the cat
Sue disregarded Bob's advice about how to raise a cat. = Sue doesn't think she needs to listen to Bob
Q: What is the difference between disregard and neglect ?
A: They both mean "ignore," but "neglect" is stronger than "disregard."

Neglect means to ignore something so much that a negative consequence occurs.
"The child was neglected by her parents, who often failed to pack her lunch."
"My hair has been so neglected that it looks like a bird's nest."

Disregard is to ignore without bad consequences.
A: "Your hair looks like a bird's nest."
B: "I'll disregard that statement."

"The room was empty with the exception of a plain, disregarded chair in the corner."

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Please disregard previous attachment,Kindly find the updated endorsed precom plan of part 10 29 31 for your action ,
A: Check the question to view the answer

Other questions about "Disregard"

Q: 1. To ignore
2. To tune out
3. To disregard
4. To have a disregard for

→ I'm aware no.1 and no.2 can be used interchangeably, but no.3 and no.4. Are no.3 and no.4 also the same as the first two?
→ For no.4, is it also natural to replace "for" with "of"?

Number three can be used in the same way

The fourth one describes general state, rather than something you are doing in a particular moment

He claims to have a disregard for human suffering

Do you see? It's not time-dependent, or speaking about a particular incident. However

He disregarded their suffering

This is talking about a particular thing

As for replacing the particle, it would depend on whether it sounded good with the connecting word. I really don't feel certain telling you that there is one particular rule or another
Q: Please disregard this email, if you have already reported it to them. Does this sound natural?
A: Please disregard this email if you have already reported it to them.

(no need for a comma ",")
Q: That's a blatant disregard for the constitution. Does this sound natural?
A: "That's blatantly disregarding the constitution." would make more sense if something has disregard for the Constitution, but what you said works for describing the disregard itself.
Q: What does disregard mean in the following context?

Hold Position - Disregard for now.
A: Disregard I think would be another work for ignore.

For example:
“Please disregard that last message.”

You could also say:
“Please ignore that last message.”


“Please disregard for now.”

You could also say:
“Please ignore for now.”

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