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Q: What does the dominance with a bow? mean?
A: Someone who has talent at using a bow and is better than other competitors. example:
He was excellent in the competition, his arrow hit the target. He has dominance with a bow.
Q: What does "as our human dominance has grown, we have become more isolated, more lonely when we can no longer call out to our neighbors"

Q. In this sentence what does 'call out to' mean?? mean?
A: We used to say Hello from a distance (call out ) to our neighbors either when you see them outside or around town. Sometimes it is just a friendly Hello and sometimes it is to start a conversation with them. It acknowledges them as friends basically.
Now many don't know their neighbors so we don't even say Hello or talk much with them. Also because we don't know our neighbors we aren't sure if they are good or bad so we are more isolated (alone).
Q: What does "To assert one's dominance" mean?
A: Showing one’s dominance is like they are inherently dominant and it is being shown through their actions. Asserting one’s dominance is like you have something to prove or like they must earn the number one spot.
Q: What does political dominance mean?
A: Political = politics, as in government
Dominance = to be in control, to have more power

Political Dominance= to have stronger power in the government.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with dominant, dominate, dominance .
A: He used his dominant hand to throw the ball.
She used her dominant eye to aim the slingshot.
Humans are the dominant species because no animals eat us.
The king was dominant over his people.

He is going to dominate the football field.
The oldest sibling will dominate the others.

The dog showed his dominance over the puppy.
The man was seeking dominance in his relationship.

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Q: What is the difference between dominance and domination ?
A: (Dominance is the state of having control or influence over someone )
(Domination is the act of controlling or dominating)
Q: What is the difference between dominance and domination ?
A: Both are nouns but I think domination is more "verb-like"

Dominance is a noun used for several situations:

"The boss' dominance made the employees afraid."
"The dominance of a black color is seen in the painting."
"The greater a male lion's dominance, the higher is its chance of breeding a lone female."

Domination: several sentences could be used (close to having an "action" usage)

"The greedy leader desires of world domination."
"The alpha-male has complete domination over all lions in the pride."
Q: What is the difference between dominance and domination ?
A: To me, dominance implies an inactive state of something being superior to another thing, whereas domination implies the actual action of something becoming superior to another thing. Since you're insisting on the more active sense (because this is something that is in the process of happening/may happen in the future), I'd use domination.

That said, however, the difference between these two terms is not particularly striking to me, and the use of dominance wouldn't necessarily seem bad. It's just that domination seems a little better.
Q: What is the difference between dominance and predominance ?
A: Predominant might be used more to mean 'more frequent' or 'more common'. e.g. the most predominant colour in this room is beige. However, you could also say the dominant colour in this room is beige - you wouldn't use 'most' in this sentence though

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Q: She just asserted dominance. Does this sound natural?
A: Yes, it is natural.
Q: Did they mean 'dominance' instead of 'domestic'? (See picture)
A: Yeah, and they also meant "a show of" instead of "showing" :)
Q: She has the dominance over her husband Does this sound natural?
A: @huehuehuehue Thanks for both of you😄

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