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Q: What does If it’s not true, you’re going to hear an earful later on.

A: it means if you're lying(saying something that's not true) you will get scolded
Q: What does an earful.
A: A long talking to or a angry rant.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with to get an earful.
A: After I spilt paint on my new trousers, I got an earful from my wife!

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Q: I should give him an earful because of his bad acts. Does this sound natural?
A: I should give him an earful because of his bad behavior/actions.
Q: I had an awful headache for two days. (Do I need to use past simple here? )
A: earful headache?
Q: I got a real earful from my mom for cheating on the test. Does this sound natural?
A: Perfect!

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