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Q: What does I'm going to redo my entrance from the beginning. mean?
A: It means the person is going to start that part of the play over.
Q: What does I'm entranced by you mean?
A: filled with wonder and delight, holding their entire attention (from the dictionary)

Specifically in your sentence it's very romantic.
"I can't look away from you" or "I love you" is the sentiment.

It means you are captivated by someone, attracted to them and they hold your interest for a specific (positive) reason. eg.
"I was entranced by her beauty"

"I was entranced by his foul personality and lack of wit" grammatically correct, but sounds unnatural to use "entranced" for something negative. "astounded" makes more sense in this example.
Q: What does Away from the entrance is quiet. mean?
A: For example, tables in a restaurant.

The tables close to the entrance are noisy because people are entering and leaving, and the door keeps open so you hear the wind and the traffic.

The tables away from the entrance are more quiet.

A: Welcome to our restaurant. Table for 2?
B: Yes please. Someplace quiet if possible.
A: Away from the entrance is quiet. Follow me please.
B: Thank you.
Q: What does upon entrance mean?
A: when a person enters the room

she smiled upon his entrance
Q: What does I did my best to pass the entrance exam mean?
A: 私は、入学試験に合格するためにあらゆる努力をします

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Q: Please show me example sentences with entrance to/into sth.
A: When ‘entrance’ is followed by to or into, it only has one meaning - the access point

- The second door is the entrance to/into the kitchen
- I have a ticket to the concert that gives me entrance to the backstage area

When not followed by the preposition, entrance can also mean the act of entering

- He made his entrance after dinner had been served
- In the play, Juliet doesn’t make her entrance until the second act

It often implies that the person entering was unusual or made an impact

- Naked apart from a bow-tie to the formal party, he really made quite an entrance

And if the stress is placed on the second syllable - enTRANCE - it means to charm or amaze

- The way the colours rise and fall in the lava lamp will entrance you
- I get entranced by his smooth sultry singing
Q: Please show me example sentences with entranced.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: What is the difference between entrance exam and entrance examination ?
A: exam is short for examination, they are both the same
Q: What is the difference between an entrance of hotel and an entrance at a hotel

Do they have any difference? btw are they correct? ?
A: now that I think about it, there might not be much logic behind it. lol. I'll just give some examples

"Just wait to use the bathroom at the hotel"
"I'm here at the hotel now"
"The car is parked at the hotel"
"I left my phone at the hotel"

you could also say
"the hotel bathroom"
"the hotel entrance"

hope that helps
Q: What is the difference between entrance and entry ?

“Entrance” is a doorway to something.
“Entry” is the action of going through to something.

They can basically be used the same way. :)

Q: What is the difference between He failed the entrance exam of university. and He failed in the entrance exam of university. ?
A: you can use it if you what to, it sounds natural and makes sense both ways
Q: What is the difference between entrance and front ?
A: You can call it the front entrance or just say front!
Front is referring to something that is seen or used first.
The front page of the book was ruined
Entrance means anything such as door, passage that will give you access to a place
E.g. I used the back entrance to the room

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 건물안에 출입증을 두고 왔어요.
"I forgot my entrance card in the building."

누군가가 나오네요.
"someone is coming"

Are these sentences correct?"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Can I apply for an entrance card?

I want to ask my department employee. Is it natural?
A: 자연스러워요!
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? A : Is this entrance?
B : Yes, It is.

Does this make sense??
A: Is this AN entrance?

Is this THE entrance?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Which is better “You are supposed to buy the entrance ticket at the ticket booth “ or “You should buy the entrance ticket at the ticket booth “ ?
A: Both of them work but the first one sounds better.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? an entrance of apartment building
A: Lobby would be OK, or just entrance, entrance hall, or entrance hallway.

Foyer would be larger and more open though.

Other questions about "Entrance"

Q: We charge 200yen for entrance fee Does this sound natural?
A: Yes good
Q: What made you decide to take an entrance exam in this college? Does this sound natural?
A: It would better to say "for this college" rather than "in this college"
Q: The entrance exam is around the corner, but I still have difficulty writing English essays. Could anyone help me? Does this sound natural?
A: relieve not relieving
scenes not senses
staying not sitting
Tom turned his head and was frightened as he realized that his friends had already left.

but his cell phone couldn't receive any signal.
with his tears rolling down his face.
he remembered the map
Wiping his tears away
Q: The entrance of Mt.Fuji.

富士山の登山口 Does this sound natural?
A: A trailhead for Mt. Fuji

Q: She is studying hard because entrance examination for high school is ahead . Does this sound natural?
A: She's studying hard because high-school entrance exams are coming up.

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