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Q: What does fam' mean?
A: Fam’ is slang for family
Q: What does Come on fam! mean?
A: fam is slang for friend. it comes from the word "family"

the "come on" depends on context.
Q: What does fam mean?
A: Fam is slang for family but can refer to any social group, friends, family, online forum, and denotes close relationships of supportive people.
Q: What does It's lit fam mean?
A: This expression is from hip-hop culture, i believe.
"lit" is slang for awesome/cool/great. It probably got this meaning from marijuana smoking culture where "lighting it up" would be regarded as an enjoyable activity. Also, songs and other things young people find cool are often described by them as "fire". As in "that new Kanye West song is fire." I suspect there is a "fire"-"lit" connection.
"Fam" is short for "family" but usually used to refer broadly to one's friends. Here, "fam" just addresses the proclamation "It's lit" to one's friends.
You will have to observe the context to determine what "It" refers to.
So whatever "It" refers to is said to be very cool, basically.
Q: What does I got you fam mean?
A: rosalinda is right. It's very much slang, 'fam' is taken from 'family' but it's used to talk about friends the same way you might call a friend 'bro', and then the 'I got you' like said above can be anything from 'you have my support' to 'I'll do this for you' and several things like that.
Most people would not use this phrase, it's very 'street' talk if that makes sense.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with fam .
A: How are you doing, fam?
(Can be addressed as slang to a friend, close friends)

I owe you nothing, fam

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? fam
A: Fam is short for family

Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? what does (fam) mean?
A: Fam is a slang term. You say it to your friends. It’s like saying brother.

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Q: what does you too fam mean ?
A: 'Fam' is a slang word which is short for 'family' In this sense ' you to fam' is an expression of familiarity, to mean ' same to you'

ex: You are out with your friends and you say that you love them. One of your friends can respond with 'You to fam' exclaiming that they feel the same way
Q: What does "fam" mean as in "Thank you so much for the photos fam"?
Can it be addressed to only one person or is it meant for more than one person?
A: It's short for "family" (though its usage isn't restricted to your family members), and can refer to one person or multiple people, though in this sentence it's probably only referring to one person.
Q: what 'fam' as in 'look fam' means?
A: "Fam" is short for "family." It's a recent slang word that people use to refer to their friends.

It can be used sincerely or ironically. If ironically, saying "look, fam" is kind of like saying "look, buddy" when you're about to tell someone off, even if they're not actually your friend.
Q: What is FAM?

I was playing a game and talking to a guy, asking things about the game and stuff like that. When we were about to finish our conversation, he goes: "see ya fam."

What I found Googling it is that Fam is an abbreviation for Family. That doesn't make any sense to me because I've never seen him before and we were talking for 15 minutes. Can anyone explain me that?
A: It's slang, such as dude, guy, my nigga, etc.

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