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Q: What does I hadn’t known what to say, my footing weak and unfamiliar.

my footing weak?? mean?
A: In this example "my footing weak" means "I didn't know what to say. I was uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the subject we were talking about."

- My weak footing or my footing was weak is American slang. It means "I feel awkward, uncomfortable, and out of place about this subject or situation." In America "my footing is weak" is more commonly used and is informal.

Example -

My footing was weak when they asked me about my ex-girlfriend.

My footing is weak in the subject of mathematics.

My footing was weak when she invited me to meet her family.

My footing was weak when he asked me if I had any cooking experience.

Q: What does all must find a new footing in a shifting world mean?
A: As the world changes we must all find ways to adapt and change with it.
Q: What does secure footing mean?
A: A steady, safe place to stand.

"Look for secure footing when you climb the mountain."

To be successful.

"This business is on a very secure footing. It has made a profit for 90 years and it's very popular with customers."

"Their marriage is on a secure footing. They love each other a lot and have no problems."

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Q: Please show me example sentences with I lost my footing.
A: i lost my footing, when he pushed me.

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Q: What is the difference between To miss one's footing and To lose one's footing ?
A: To lose one's footing is a million times more natural.

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Q: The footings of the bed gate are not secure. Don't lean on it
Does it sound right?

Don’t lean on them – you are talking about plural things.

I have no idea what a bed gate is – but if you say that is correct, no problem

Q: What does "this is the build up Getting our footing" mean?

A: It's not working yet
B: yeah, this is the build up
Getting our footing
A: "Getting our footing" means we are NOT ready right now.

Jim gets a new job. He is a new employee while he "gets his footing." This means, Jim is learning about his new job, his new company, and is preparing to be independent in his role.

Sam and Bob are going for a hike. They walk for a few minutes before reaching a very steep hill. Sam says, "That short walk was just the build up!" The "build up" is a warm-up, a short time before the real task begins.

We use these phrases in business a lot. In daily conversation, there are other options:

1. Instead of "this is the build up," we would say "This is the warm-up" or 'this is just the beginning."
2. Instead of "getting our footing," we would say, "we're getting ready," "we're adjusting," or we are learning.
Q: What does mean footing in this sentence?
He’s seen bodies so small it’s a wonder there are even coffins to fit them, seen children
raped before they know the meaning of the word, but somehow this case is so unexpected he isn’t
quite sure where his footing is.
A: He was prepared to know about really bad things, but "this case" was so much worse that he still wasn't prepared. "Footing" here means a kind of preparedness. An analogy between knowledge and climbing.
Q: I missed my footing.
I lost balance.
Does this sound natural?
A: I lost my footing.
I lost balance.
I stumbled.
I fell.

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