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Q: What does fuse mean?
A: "to blow a fuse" is to suddenly explode in anger, similar to a fuse setting off a bomb
Q: What does have a short fuseとは、どんなに意味ですか? mean?
A: To become angry easily and quickly.

Another expression for a fit of rage is "to blow up". What also blows up is a bomb. And a bomb has a fuse (in the past a cord that you would set fire to, and once it reaches the bomb, it would explode). So if the fuse is short, the bomb would blow up very quickly after it's set on fire.

So if a person has a short fuse, they blow up (become angry/fly into rage) very quickly.
Q: What does have a short fuse mean?
A: It’s a metaphor comparing a person to a bomb, the fuse is the string you light on a bomb before you run away and it explodes. A bomb with a short fuse will go off quickly, a person with a short fuse can also be said to have a ‘short temper’ it means it doesn’t take much for them to get upset or angry at something :) hope this helps
Q: What does They got me by the fuse smiling with a match (Avantasia Song mean?
A: the fuse is the part of a bomb that you light

a match is what you use to make fire

this is a poem, so the context is very important

the author is saying that someone has the ability to push them over the edge to self destruction, and they are in a vulnerable position
Q: What does my fuse get lit mean?
A: To get angry.

My brother sure knows how light my fuse = My brother sure knows how to make me angry.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with fuse and fuze .
A: fuZe no existe en inglés

fuse = combinar, mezclar, unir
"Spanish cooks fuse the best elements of French and Italian cuisine."

fuse = dispositivo electrico
"Our new TV blew a fuse and we had to have it repaired."

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Q: What is the difference between fuse and merge ?
A: FUSE - to blend; to mix
MERGE- to make it as a whole

Q: What is the difference between fuse and weld ?
A: fuse = to join (by melting together or some other way)
That music video fuses jazz, R&B and even classical music together.
We’re born with 300 bones but we have 206 as adults because lots of bones fuse together.
You can fuse the two metal pieces by welding.

weld = to join [metal, usually] by melting and hammering together
The steel plates were being welded together to form a barricade.
He used a blowtorch to weld the metal parts together.

If you are talking about metal and using a blowtorch, that’s “welding.”
Q: What is the difference between fuse and merge ?
A: They are synonymous with their definition for 'join or combine to create a single entity'. However they both have other meanings that make them different. A fuse is also a term for a safety device on an electric circuit.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? the fuse has blown or the fuse is blown?
A: The fuse has blown
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? fuse
A: Hope this helps! ^_^
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? If the current was too high and fuse broke, how do you say it? Do you say broke or something else...? Do you have different words if it's a ceramic fuse or a flip thing?
A: @jessine
That’s fine. I don’t think you need the words “plug-in” and “aimed” though.

Edit: I would also say “it blew the 6A fuse”. If you say “was blown” here it is unclear if you plugging in your car blew the fuse or if you discovered someone else had blown the fuse when you tried to plug in your car.

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Q: What is it "a quick fuse"?
A: On an explosive, such as a bomb or firework, the fuse is the thing you light. When it finishes burning, the explosive goes off. So if someone has a quick fuse (more typically "short fuse"), they "explode" (in anger) very easily.
Q: The fuse switches went down?

The breakers went down?

Are both correct and if so, what’s the difference? Does this sound natural?
A: The fuses blew/tripped
Q: fuse is out Does this sound natural?
A: The fuse is out sounds a bit better
Q: Damn, not again!! a fuse was tripped!! Does this sound natural?
A: Fuses get blown, not breakers.
Breakers get tripped, not fuses.

One more likely refers to the fuse rather than the breaker.
Therefore, "...We blew a fuse"
Or if you know the cause, "...The hair dryer blew a fuse"

Hope this helped!
Q: When I'm on a short fuse, I go to the square of my neighbourhood to try to calm down. Does this sound natural?
A: "I'm on a short fuse" isn't something that occurs in time, so you can't use it with when. You say "I have a short fuse" but it's used to describe yourself. For this sentence, you could say "When I'm upset/angry/mad, I go to the square in my neighborhood to try to calm down."

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