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Q: What does Gag mean?
A: As a verb, it means to choke, to cover someone's mouth, or to have a reaction deep in your throat like you're almost going to vomit.

As a noun, it means a visual joke or an object used to cover someone's mouth so they can't talk.
Q: What does Gag me with a spoon. mean?
A: Put a spoon in my mouth so deep that I choke

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Gag me with a spoon.
A: Not really used anymore - old 80s/90s slang. But it used to show disgust in a situation - example: "Billy is going out with Tammy? Gross, gag me with a spoon!".

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Q: What is the difference between Gag, Trick, Prank, Jape, Jest and Fun, Joke ?
A: Gag, jape, and jest are quite outdated. Don’t bother learning them, because you won’t hear them used often, and you might confuse yourself. However, trick, prank, fun, and joke are very common.

• Trick means there is a hidden motive or deception involved. Eg: he tricked me into giving him money

• Prank is often a “practical joke” between friends, . Eg: I played a prank on my friend by putting a whopee-cushion under his chair

• Fun just means to have an enjoyable time — however, to “poke fun” means to mock or tease someone

• Joke is usually something a person says to make others laugh

Hope this helps!
Q: What is the difference between Gag and Joke ?
A: They both refer to the same thing for the most part. "Gag" though, it's not as commonly used as "joke". "Gag" seems to be used more in movies and TV shows or when you're referring to a skit show (like Saturday night live) to describe the jokes/things they do in the skits.

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Q: Gag this one. Does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Gag reflex provoked by ginger that stop nerve receptors Does this sound natural?
A: Ginger provokes a gag reflex by stopping nerve receptors. Maybe? ^^

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