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Q: What does garb mean?
A: Clothing:
"That's the kind of garb my dad would wear."
Q: What does garb mean?
A: Attire, clothing

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Q: What is the difference between garb and costume / clothes ?
A: Clothes is the most common term. A costume is something you wear as a disguise, such as on Halloween. Occasionally costume is used to refer to the traditional clothing of an ethnic group. Garb refers to the clothes associated with a certain profession, ethnic group, or any other kind of group that has very specific clothes.
Q: What is the difference between garb a seat and take a seat and have a seat ?
A: 차이가 없거든. 다 똑같은 듯이야.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? garb
A: Clothes.

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