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Q: What does Lip gloss
A: It's a cosmetic like lipstick, except it doesn't have any color--it just makes the lips shiny. It's often flavored.
Q: What does gloss mean?
A: Gloss means something that has shine or luster to it. For example:

1. Lip gloss
1. Glossy
2. Sentence: Beneath the gloss of his/her success as a business person, it was still stressful.
Q: What does gloss mean?
A: это означает что-то влажное / блестящее. например блеск для губ

Synonyms of "Gloss" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between gloss over and play down ?
A: Gloss over = to only passingly mention something, as to hide it
Play down = to suggest something is less than it actually is.

Presenter: " you can see, our new robots are very popular. On this slide you can see we have a few complaints. But anyway, on the next slide..."
(The complaints were glossed over)

Presenter: " on this slide you can see a number of complaints. But it was only a small percentage of customers and no one was really harmed"
(The complaints were down played)
Q: What is the difference between gloss and comment ?
A: None ‘cause both are completely different things

gloss=shiny/surface/cover up /cosmetic lip product (lip gloss)

Example: I always have my lip gloss on me at all times.

comment=expressing an opinion

Example: It’s not good leaving negative comments on social media, it messes someone’s day and they don’t even realize how much words can hurt someone!
Q: What is the difference between gloss and glitter ?
A: I'd recommend a twinkle, a sparkle or a glitter if you're talking about complimenting someones eyes. Glossy/glassy/glazed eyes isn't really a compliment more of an observation and can be due to drugs,allergies or sickness.

"The young girl had a twinkle in her eyes"
"I love the sparkle her eyes give as the sun reflects off of them"
Q: What is the difference between gloss over and overlook ?
A: You ask challenging questions. Gloss over ... Is more like skim. To Purposefully not take in every detail. Overlook means that you missed something (not on purpose)

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? gloss
A: Gloss: a coating or polish to make something shiny or waterproof

"She wore pink lip gloss"
"They applied a glossy finish to the wood"

Glossy: having a gloss or looking like it does

Gloss over: to ignore something important

"You can't just gloss over the problems in this resume"

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