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Q: What does nonetheless this godforsaken path that you walk mean?
A: Hard to explain!!
Q: What does godforsaken mean?
A: It means something or someone deemed "accursed," "dismal," or utterly lacking in any merit.


I dread having to clock in and do another shift at that godforsaken job.

Robinson Crusoe was stranded for a long time on that godforsaken island.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with godforsaken .
A: Something godforsaken is not attractive and contains nothing pleasant. Usually referring to a place. It could also be used to refer to an activity or an object, but his tends to sound awkward.

This town is a godforsaken place at night.

Why would you come to this godforsaken place?

Q: Please show me example sentences with godforsaken.
A: America was godforsaken when Trump took office. Japan was godforsaken by the tsunami. It is a very sad 😞 word.
Q: Please show me example sentences with godforsaken.
A: ''Parts of this site is bleak and godforsaken.''

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Q: why, out of all of the godforsaken shitholes in Mexico, do we have to meet here? Does this sound natural?
A: wording absolutely natural

pronounciation strong Mexican accent but still excellent

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