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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? goodafternoon
A: Good afternoon.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? goodafternoon
A: Your pronunciation is good!

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce goodafternoon By Korea.
A: You should start off learning the writing system in Korean! It will make learning Korean easier, and much more useful later on. There are many apps for that. Youtube is your best friend for learning Korean, on Youtube there are several channels that teach you both basic and advanced Korean. It is helpful, especially for me to follow along with the lessons using a notebook and a pen because I learn more effectively that way, So here are some channels I recommend for you: Margarita M Saem her series Weekly Korea is useful for learning basic to advanced grammar points. She also has Kpop Lyrics Breakdown where she teaches Korean grammar in a fun and interesting way. Is EXTREMELY useful it is
packed full of various short and simple grammar lessons, from beginner, intermediate, to advanced.
Korean Unnie makes useful videos on various topics from easy vocabulary lessons, to phrases, and grammar.
Korean American Mina Oh has a 6 season series called KWOW where she goes over Korean vocabulary not really heavy on the grammar which is useful if you want to pick up specific vocabulary words, you can learn vocab from Mina and learn the grammar from the other Youtubers.
Talk to Me in Korean or TTMIK is everyones fave for learning Korean and I can see why. Many of their videos are short and sweet ranging from a variety of different topics such as vocabulary, slang, grammar, and culture. In this channel you can really learn a lot of everyday apliable Korean that can be used in daily conversation which is a plus. : It has a lot of grammar and provides vocabulary with each lesson and they have workbooks.

You can also download some apps to help you;

• Lingodeer helps immensely in grammar structure, which is very important to know; there are also lots of basic words in there ^

• KORLINK, by Talk to Me in Korean has podcasts you can listen too as well as PDF files in case you're more of a visual learner. They have many lessons and cover loads of useful information.

• Memrise is a nice app, however you also have to pay to continue later on. I havent really tried out the app too much, but I've heard it is a nice app &' good for vocabulary building.

And I recommend to learn Korean you find a friend who can teach you, an easy way to find friends is by asking on here, or making your own groupchat on any social media app etc, etc.

I recommend to you :
Hellotalk is an app geared towards making friends who speak the language you are learning. Although I find Koreans don't talk to me very much, someone told me they like to keep themselves others have found great success in it. You can download Hellotalk to make Korean friends to practice your Korean with. And it is the best way to avoid perverts.

other than Hellotalk it is also important to have Kakaotalk, every Korean uses Kakaotalk and it is there go to app for messaging. You can use this app to keep in touch with Korean friends outside of Hellotalk.

~ Some tips for learning Korean ~
• I recommend surrounding yourself in the language, whether it be by reading books eventually (to learn how to read faster), watching K-dramas to familiarize yourself with common phrases/words, and even listening to music if you are interested! This can teach you basic speech as well

• Test out the korean you learn in real life. For example, if you learn how to say some colors then you can say it in your head looking at an item with the specific color. If you learn how to say some words associated with food and happen to see one of the words you learned, say it in your head as well, etc

• You should use a notebook to write in so you can review what you've learned. This will help you memorize things more efficiently, too.
Q: goodafternoon Does this sound natural?
A: Good afternoon

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