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Q: What does 'go into the lightening ground' mean?
A: a lightening round is a number of questions that are asked very quickly.
Q: What does I am losing ground mean?
A: Losing ground means that you're now at a bad situation

To fall behind someone / something or being less successful / valuable depends on how you use this phrase

E.g. Losing power, position in a company
Q: What does to hit the ground mean?
A: To begin
To get a good start
Q: What does frozen to the ground mean?
A: @Jun24:
Yep! It sounds like her friend's hair literally froze to the ground. That's a really weird and sad thing to happen haha
Q: What does The ground is coming fast before us now mean?
A: @guu-: this means that you are falling, as it looks like the ground is suddenly coming in front of you as you fall. This is often used as a metaphor for problems that are suddenly becoming a big issue, as the ground would be the problem coming quickly towards you, and you are falling fast towards them. People do not often use this in every day talk, but it is a very poetic thing to say

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Get off the ground.
A: Get off the ground and sit back in your seat.
It took a long time for the airplane to get off the ground.
I watched her get off the ground and then slap him in the face.
He tried to jump really high, but he could only get off the ground about 5 inches.
The product didn't get off the ground, since we didn't raise enough money.
Q: Please show me example sentences with grounded and relevant.
A: Relevant means it is connected to the topic you are talking about.

“This article is relevant to our conversation yesterday.”

“Please don’t bother me with irrelevant details.” (Irrelevant means not relevant.)

“Before you make a decision, please find out all the relevant information.”

“She is no longer relevant to my life.” (Meaning we are not friends now because we are too different, or I am pushing her away because she has upset me too much.)

“Being grounded is a relevant skill to be an airline pilot, because you need to be able to think calmly if you are flying a plane.”
Q: Please show me example sentences with grounded.
A: You are grounded; no TV or phone for a week.
She seems very grounded even though her husband just left her.
Your understanding of the solar system should be grounded on teachings from class, not comic books.
Q: Please show me example sentences with Give ground for.
A: I don't know any expressions using that exact phrase but I think this is what you're looking for:
"Cheating on the exam is grounds for expulsion."
Q: Please show me example sentences with get off … the ground.
A: Situation #1: you are at a company making a new product. Example: "In order to get this product off the ground, we need to make sure it works perfectly."
Situation #2: Usually indicates you are starting something for the first time. Example: "Let's get this off the ground so we can make some money."

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Q: What is the difference between ground and land ?
A: Land means a surface of the Earth that is not covered by a body of water. Ground is any type of land such as dirt, mud, grass, etc..
Q: What is the difference between it fell on the ground and It fell on the floor ?
A: The ground is more like the outside ,so the dirt or the grass .
The floor is the inside.
The 2 have the same meaning as far as I know it.
Q: What is the difference between ground and floor ?
A: Ground usually for outside while floor is inside
Q: What is the difference between "ground floor" and "first floor" ?
A: The ground floor is almost always even with the ground. The first floor may not always be the ground floor, depending on what numbering system is used by the building. Some may label the floor below ground as B (for basement.) There can be two floors below ground, labeled B1, and B2. Sometimes the main floor is labeled L for lobby. Sometimes numbers can skip a floor or the other way around. Some numbers start numbering the actual first floor (whether above or below ground as '1'. Strictly speaking, the first floor is always the actual first floor, if it is the first floor the building has, but don't use that. You can quickly figure out a building floor numbering plan by glancing at the buttons in the elevator. Or if you use the stairs, typically the floor number or name will be on the door before you enter the floor. Be careful when taking the stairs because some places keep the stairwell doors locked and you may have to take the stairs all the way to the main floor. Which brings me to another point, some floors are labeled M for main.
Q: What is the difference between ground black pepper and black pepper ?
A: Ground black pepper is more specific than just black pepper.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? The ground is wet and squishy.

What does squishy mean? What kind of ground is squishy?

A: The adjective squishy describes something very ductile (可塑).

Gum is a good example of something squishy.

Squishy grounds aren’t hard, they are wet and have a texture similar to chewing gum.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Highest possible ground
Possible highest ground

which is more nature?
or there is a suitable word?
A: highest possible ground is more natural than possible highest ground.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? "ground floor " in UK is called as "first floor" in US, right?
A: Yes that's correct.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ——what does short to the ground mean? I get that is a short circuit but I feel like there’s more to it
A: All AC circuits should be shorted to the ground. If there is a voltage surge (with a corresponding over-capacity current) or short, you want the natural course of the current to go to the ground and not melt a wire or junction. ...or your body!
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ground zero as figure of speech
A: We have reached ground zero. Or you could say rock bottom!!😊

Other questions about "Ground"

Q: "he slipped down on the ground, he played it off by doing push-ups" Does this sound natural?
A: "He slipped and fell, but he played it off by doing some push-ups" sounds better
Q: Often it can seem to be uneasy to find common ground with a person who I work with by looking her or his eyes. It tells me my experience over the previous people I've met. Does this sound natural?
A: Perhaps it should be "It rejected me the experience with some people I've met before."
Q: What does "from the ground up" in the last line mean?
A: It is a metaphor meaning they have to go back to the beginning/start, just like you have to build a building from the ground ---> and then go up. So he is saying they have to think about building a completely different system.
Q: What does "was ground to death" in 327 mean?
A: It's a joke using pepper factory. Pepper is ground in a pepper mill or pepper grinder. He's making a joke that William was ground like pepper (in a pepper factory) and that is how he died.
Q: Back ground:One of my classmates named her English name as Candy.
I search on the internet and I find that someone said Candy is not a good name because it is related to sex.
Question:Is that true?
A: Candice would be perfect

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