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Q: What does gruel mean?
A: gruel is a type of oatmeal, unless you meant "cruel" in which case that would mean "mean"

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Q: What is the difference between gruel and porridge ?
A: Gruel consists of oat, wheat, rye flour, rice (etc) boiled in water or milk and is basically a thinner version of porridge that can for example be drunk.
Q: What is the difference between gruel and porridge ?
A: @lijieqiong28: gruel is food, normally referring to porridge, but in a negative way.
"they served us gruel" vs "they served us porridge" . thr first sentence can show the food as being negative/ disgusting/ horrible/ tasteless, whereas the second just refers to the food porridge being served - as to thr description of thr porridge, adjectives are needed whereas in gruel, its almost like the noun is self-descriptive

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