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Q: Please show me example sentences with gutfeeling .
A: It was my gut feeling as a nice little old lady that we should be able to go in and see what happened to those guys.
My gut feeling says that I would rather not want to discourage that because, obviously, there are Liberals nowadays
My gut feeling right now is that plant health was pretty good and that stalk quality will not be a big issue," he says
I'm intrigued about this water temperature because my gut feeling is that DFO is going to blame temperature.
I never dawdle in cases like that; I trust my gut feeling
Mostly, I decided to take a new job intuitively, based on my gut feeling
It's not my gut feeling.
I simply took my time and followed my gut feeling.
My gut feeling is that there will be no agreement with the Council on getting a revision of the financial perspective.
My gut feeling is why have someone from this industry deciding this issue - it should be people who don't have a stake in it.
Borussia were very keen to have me, and my gut feeling told me it could be a good fit
My gut feeling is that one's opinions on every issue will eventually be collected and used against you, should you later (dare to) change your mind.
My gut feeling was, "this is breast cancer"
I was overwhelmed by my lack of peace, and had a gut feeling that I would not be taking chemo.
Mine is not a very scientific, professional or academic approach but a gut feeling that we are making a tragic mistake.
Gut feeling, intuition, hunches. Whatever we call it, we all have feelings about people we meet.
I regularly hear in our courses that today there is often no time for well-considered approaches and interaction between common sense and gut feeling. Trusting one's own better judgment and 'gut feeling' when circumstances don't affirm it is difficult; it is easier to rationalize nagging doubts.
The reason we conducted the computer simulation was to verify that gut feeling by quantifying the benefits of investing in the switch track," Fernando explains. Understand why you're speaking the words you choose, and say them in rehearsal until you have a gut feeling for the essence of your message. One could hardly audit a set of accounts or draw up the plans for a skyscraper o the basis of "gut feeling"
The survey confirmed our gut feeling about what the issues are," says Mrs. Richard.
How will we keep my gut hormone levels under control?
We have obtained this picture, not because it is illegal, but because our gut feeling is that an illegal picture of this child may appear later on

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