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Q: What does does happiness equal money and good health? mean?
A: Need both money and good health to bring happiness to life.
Q: What does happiness can't come before it's fall mean?
A: Oh, with context it's not that weird. There's an idea that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, or that happiness is preceded by misfortune. Some people believe you earn happiness through misfortune.

It's written a bit strangely, but that's the idea it's driving at.
Q: What does happiness 101 mean?
A: 101 is a number given to beginner classes in high school or college. For instance Chemistry 101 would be the beginner class for chemistry.
happiness 101= The first things you need to know about happiness.
Q: What does 'to afford happiness' mean?
A: afford = tener suficiente

I can afford to buy a new car.

I can afford to spend more time with my girlfriend.

I have solved all my other problems so now I can afford happiness.
Q: What does Your happiness depends on how you see yourself and how well you get on with other people. mean?
A: あたなの幸せは、自分自身をどうみるか、そして他の人達とうまくやれるかに掛かっています。


depend on~:~次第、~による(~によって変わる)、~に掛かっている
how you see yourself :あなた自身をどうみるか=どう評価するか
get on with ~:~とうまくやる

Example sentences using "Happiness"

Q: Please show me example sentences with happiness.
A: Expressions / Sayings for happiness:

I Was On Cloud Nine - "When I found out our mall sold bubble tea, I was on cloud nine."

Jump For Joy - "Finding my lost phone made me jump for joy." "She was jumping for joy after she won."

Happy Camper - "I am one happy camper." You say this when you are telling someone you are happy. This statement is broad and can be about anything."

Grinning (Smiling) From Ear To Ear - "Whenever I see my boyfriend, I grin from ear to ear." "She was smiling from ear to ear."

Happy As A Clam - "I'm [as] happy as a clam."

Walking On Air - "I feel like I'm walking on air." This phrase is basically saying you felt like flying from joy.

Q: Please show me example sentences with happiness .
A: You can't buy happiness.
She found happiness and joy with her new partner.
Happiness counts more than money.
Q: Please show me example sentences with happiness.
A: I wish you all the happiness you so deserve.
Didn't he realize that your happiness had value too?
Q: Please show me example sentences with explode with happiness.
A: Seeing my father makes my heart explode with happiness.
That picture is making my brain explode with happiness.

Synonyms of "Happiness" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between and there’s you who brings a little happiness in me and and there’s you whom brings a little happiness in me ?
A: second one is wrong
Q: What is the difference between happiness and contentment ?
A: Happiness is more short term and has to do with pride, interest or joy. Contentment is more long term and is more like satisfaction.

Contentment examples:
“I am content with life.”
“The cat looked content.”

Happiness examples:

“Winning the game created great happiness in the team.”

Q: What is the difference between happiness and bliss ?
A: Bliss would be extreme happiness and/or satisfaction.
Q: What is the difference between happiness and bliss ?
A: Bliss is a more extreme form of happiness.
People always talk about wedded bliss.
Q: What is the difference between I felt happiness. and I felt happy. ?
A: happy is a an adjective. It would be incorrect to say it like that.... But you can say "I feel that everyone around me is happy".

Translations of "Happiness"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Your happiness is always determined by your mind. One of the famous Japanese poets said this poem.I totally agree with this poem. Some people say I’m happy if I have money. And other people say I’m happy if somebody loves me.
A: "Happiness is a state of mind"
"Happiness depends on one's mindset."
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? happiness
A: Felicità
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I have the best happiness in my life.. I have my mom ❤💪
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? how to express your happiness in UK?
A: "I'm so happy!"
"Wow, that's brilliant"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? happiness
A: @popuyennie: Money

Other questions about "Happiness"

Q: ‪Trying to find happiness is equal to trying to get sleep: more effort you ‬make, more possibility it will not happen. Is it correct?
A: I definitely understand, but there are a few things that sound odd (or Russian!)

To make comparisons like this, you should use "the":
"The sooner, the better".
"The faster you work, the more mistakes you make".
It's very hard to explain which English sentences want to have articles in and which don't, but this one does!

I would say it is "like", not "equal". We only really use "equal" when two things are exactly the same, or the same in amount. "Like" says they have something in common.

"More possibility it will not happen" makes sense, but a natural phrase is "less likely to happen".

So all together:
"Trying to find happiness is like trying to get sleep: the more effort you ‬make, the less likely it will happen"
Q: I think it one of the big happiness in our life that we suddenly come to do what we think it impossible to do or we suddenly understand what we didn't clearly understood. Does this sound natural?
A: I think that one of the biggest part of happiness is when we suddenly achieve what we think was impossible or we suddenly understand that we never understood before.
Q: With him she finds happiness, even then does she decide to make him her boyfriend. what does "even then" mean?
A: 'Even' can be used to compare things and 'then' is another way of saying at a time so when you combine these two words it can be used to compare two points in time like saying at that moment (did I answer your question? I'm sorry if I didn't)
Q: I always feel extreme happiness when I hug my sons. Does this sound natural?
A: I always feel extremely happy when i hug my sons.
Q: I feel my best happiness when I eat. Does this sound natural?
A: "I'm happiest when I'm eating"

"I feel happiest when I'm eating"

by "best happiness" are you saying you feel the highest amount of happiness, or that it's a different kind of happiness that's your favorite?

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