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Q: What does "the haunting of" (for instance in "the haunting of Castle Malloy, the haunting of Bly Manor, the haunting of Hill House") mean?
A: If a place is haunted, it has ghosts.

The haunting of Bly Manor = the action of haunting Bly Manor
Q: What does haunting music mean?
A: Horror musics that give you a suspenseful feeling
Q: What does haunting music mean?
A: If you have ever heard music that makes you feel chills, that is haunting music.
Q: What does haunting mean?
A: This is a little hard for me to try to explain. It's related to a type of feeling something evokes in you. Haunting is an adjective related to the word "haunt". (Like a haunted house/ ghosts). Saying something is haunting means that it "haunts" you--it's unforgettable, it gives you chills, etc. It describes a certain feeling you get from something. Like maybe you heard a piece of music that moved you and it left you with an impression that you just can't forget. It was beautiful and "haunting."

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Q: Please show me example sentences with haunting.
A: My memories are haunting me.

Peter spends his time haunting his favourite cafe. (This example is less scary.)

The ghost loves haunting my attic.

Bad thoughts are haunting my life.
Q: Please show me example sentences with haunting.
A: "His face was haunting."
meaning difficult to ignore or forget because of the terrible feeling it gave you.
"This land is a haunting ground because of the cemetery. " meaning that because of circumstances surrounding a location, it is known to have paranormal occurrences.
"She is haunting me." can mean the memory of a person causes sadness, fear, remorse, dread, or regret to the individual for whatever reason.

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Q: What is the difference between haunting melodies and catchy songs ?
A: The connotations are what's different. Haunting melodies conjures imagery of brilliant music that is fairly old. Catchy songs conjures imagery of new songs that have a good rhythm or beat and are happy. There isn't a significant difference.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? haunting effects
A: Hope this helps you out!

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Q: What does "haunting" mean here?
"This trend where trailers play slow, haunting remakes of classic pop songs needs to end."
A: In context it means poignant or evocative - so it creates a strong feeling or mood, typically something sad or yearning. Possibly the idea is the song stays with you - it “haunts” you because it is powerful and memorable. Even though this person clearly dislikes it in trailers :)
Q: “There is a haunting line by Kabir,the mysterious fifteenth-century Indian poet,a kind of mystical Mother Goose:‘They squander their birth in isms.’” I don't really get the meaning of “mystical Mother Goose”. Could you please explain this for me?

The mother goose poems are well-known English children's poems. At least they used to be well-known - maybe they aren't anymore.

Mystical – having to do with the spiritual world. Not material.

As the best I can do – I don't really know what the writer means
Q: haunting melody가 사전적으로 잊혀지지 않는 멜로디인데, haunting의 의미 때문에 부정적으로 생각하는 외국인 친구들을 여럿 만났어요. 혹시 귀신 소리나 부정적 혹은 어두운 의미를 지닌 단어인가요?
A: Yes. The word haunt (haunted/haunting) is also used to refer to a place with ghosts/ghostly events.
"That house is haunted by an evil spirit."
"A ghost was haunting the house."
Q: I didn’t even know why she kept haunting our life. Does this sound natural?
A: I didn’t even know why she kept haunting our life.

It’s a little unnatural. You write it like it’s more than 1 person getting haunted. So instead of saying “our life”.say “our lives”
Q: I was haunting Because the ghost story he told Does this sound natural?
A: i was afraid/scared because of the ghost story he told

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