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Q: What does inattentive mean?
A: not attentive

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Q: Please show me example sentences with inattentive
A: The cashier didn't give you back the money because you were inattentive.
You're asking the same question in class again because you were inattentive.
I was inattentive and missed the doctor calling my name.

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Q: What is the difference between inattentive and careless ?

The difference is right there in front of you in the words.

Inattentive – you are not paying attention
Careless – you are not being careful

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Q: "They shove him aside when he was inattentive."
"This magazine is so old that all its pages are tattered."
"They told them their work was shabbily done."
"With elbow grease, you can reach success."
Do those sentences sound natural?
A: Yes they sound very natural, but it would be shoved him aside.

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