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Q: What does Inn mean?
A: A small hotel, usually not very big, but yes, like hotel
Q: What does Inn mean?
A: A pub that offers a place to stay.

It is an old-fashioned word. Mostly we have hotels instead of inns.

Does this make sense?

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Q: What is the difference between Inn and Motel ?
A: @ssak3

Motel is where you share a kitchen, living room and bathroom with other guests; Innis a low class hotel (limited facilities, usually small number of rooms)

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Q: if you are Inn high school should you say you are a student or student just for university and it has an other synonym?
A: @mayazin@bluepeaxh thank you so much ^ - ^
Q: "Inn" and "tavern" are common words used in a day-a-day conversation? What do you think?
A: In the US Inn and Tavern aren't really used because we have more Motels and Hotels.

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