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Q: What does invented mean?
A: It comes from the very "to invent".
Invented is in past tense

Inventing is the act of creating something from scratch based on your theories and ideas.

Think of inventors throughout the history
Q: What does invent mean?
A: Something you create on your own
Q: What does Как перевести invent (a story)? mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Please show me example sentences with invent.
A: ありがとうございました🙇🏿‍♂️
Q: Please show me example sentences with "invent" and "recognize".
A: Invent:
1) Italy did not invent pizza. It was actually China that did that.
2) Isaac Newton did not invent the laws of physics; he merely discovered them.
3) It takes inspiration to invent something new.
4) The Wright Brothers invented the first airplane.

5) I recognize that this country has many social issues, but I still love it.
6) In Brazil, they recognize Santos Dumont as the inventor of the airplane.
7) The US recognized his legal status due to his American citizenship.
8) He spoke so fast that I couldn't recognize any of the words that he was saying.
Q: Please show me example sentences with invent.
A: invent- to create a process or, machine, or be the creator of something.


Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb.

His idea to invent this creation was put into action, with a team.

This invention has benefited us, today, greatly.

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Q: What is the difference between to invent and make up / made up ?
A: To "make up" is more of a mental action, such as "I made up a story", while "invent" usually implies creating an object. For example, you could say "I invented this machine", but you wouldn't say "I made up this machine". Inventing usually implies something tangible, while to make up implies something more abstract and intangible

Make up is a little more conversational than invent.
Q: What is the difference between invent and reinvent ?
A: Invent = to design and/or create something that has never been made before (Gutenberg invented movable type in the 15th century.)
Reinvent = to produce something new that is based on something that already exists. (The story of Romeo and Juliet was reinvented as a Los Angeles gangster movie.)

Q: What is the difference between invent and invention ?
A: “To invent” is the verb
“Invention” is the noun

Ex: I invented an invention
Q: What is the difference between invent and make up ?
A: "to invent" is usually about something grander like someone inventing a new method, machine, etc. You could probably rewrite all those sentences to something similar using "invention" so instead of "He invented the automobile" you could say "He is well-known for his invention of the automobile"

When I hear "make up" in that sense I immediately think of "He made up a story" which kind of sounds like he is lying. I can't actually think of another example where it would be used.
Q: What is the difference between invented and created ?
A: invented means you thought of the idea yourself, nobody else did. for example, Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone.

created refers to something you made, but that doesn't mean you actually thought of the idea on your own

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? invented
A: “invented”
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? invent
A: Check the question to view the answer

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