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Q: What does big lad mean?
A: 大きな人だという意味です。

Q: What does But I was a mere lad of sixteen
I've aged a year since then mean?
A: I was only a sixteen year old boy. I am a year older now
Q: What does when he was a lad mean?
A: Lad is a another word for boy.
"When he was a boy..."
Q: What does Though strapping lads, both of the soldiers had to look up from under their caps to return the Count's gaze -- for like ten generations of Rostov men, the Count stood an easy six foot three. mean?
A: Count Rostov was easily taller than 6'3
His father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great great grandfather had all been taller than 6'3.
Every man in his family has been taller than 6'3 for more than ten generations.

A generation is someone born in the same level of the family tree as you. So your siblings and all your cousins are the same generation as you. Your parents, your uncles and your aunts are all one generation older than you. Even if your eldest cousin is older than your youngest uncle, your cousin is still the same generation as you, but your uncle is a generation older than you.
10 generations means 10 layers on the family tree.
Q: What does lad mean?
A: A young man

Example sentences using "Lad"

Q: Please show me example sentences with lad.
A: "Lad" is used more in the UK.

Ex. Oi lad! How are ye?

Q: Please show me example sentences with lad.
A: “What a lad!”

“Me and the lads are going to the pub tonight.”

“He’s an ordinary lad.”
Q: Please show me example sentences with lads how is corrent??clumsy's girl or clumsy girl?.
A: Clumsy girl

Clumsy's girl means "the girl of “Clumsy”"
Q: Please show me example sentences with lads.
A: Alright lads, let's get to work.

Don't worry about it lads, we'll get through this.

Nice job lads, you did well.

Lads is used in the same way guys is used.

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Q: What is the difference between lad and boy ?
A: Lad is commonly used in Britain which means a boy or a young man.
Q: What is the difference between 'lad', 'bloke', 'chap' and 'geezer' ?
A: @Xabier_R

They are all common colloquial ways to refer to a male.

Different ones are more common in different areas. But they are all commonly understood.

A young Man might be more likely to be called a lad, and an older man might be more likely to be called a geezer. But there are no real rules about it.
Q: What is the difference between lad and guy ?
A: lad and guy are both slang terms that mean man.

lad is a slang term from Britain. It's usually used for young/teenage men.

guy is more common
Q: What is the difference between "lad" and "dude" ?
A: I agree with the previous comment, but I think they have their nuances.
Lad is more of a younger man.
Dude is American slang. It could be used with any guy.

Translations of "Lad"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? lads, is this word commonly used?
A: イギリス英語です。Ladsは少年たちという意味です。アメリカ人が使いません
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? what "mad lad" means? It's a slang?
A: Mad can be used to mean "crazy", and "Lad" means "young man or boy". Usually it is used sarcastically when you talk about someone who thinks they are really wild and cool but are not.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Your lads came over as a friendly sort of person.
A: Maybe "Your friends came across as a friendly bunch".
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? 상남자(lad?)
A: @Hongxi19 you'd say he was 'manly" or " masculine"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? lad
A: Young male child is a lad
Young female child is a lass

Other questions about "Lad"

Q: Which one is correct?

How many lads do you run?
How many labs do you run?
A: use 'laps' "how many laps do you run?"
Q: What does "a shock-headed lad" mean?
A: I hadn't heard of the phrase before, but according to my dictionary, "shock-headed" means "having thick, shaggy, and unkempt hair."
Q: lads and lassies という表現は、古い言い方ですか?それとも普段よく使いますか?
A: はい, 古い言い方です。よく使いません。
Q: Can you please teach me some lad or generally english slang words?
A: lad slang includes

oi oi saveloy = a cheeky way of saying hey to your mates

standard = a response to something that is natural or expected

e.g you're bringing Smirnoff to the pre-drink tonight?? standard

pleb = technically means lower class people/commoner but is often used to describe anyone below you intellectually, aka, an idiot

a mug = another word for an idiot or a fool

e.g Teresa May is a right mug

bants = banter in shorthand

ledge = short for 'legend'. very overused for people that accomplish even the tiniest of achievements

e.g my mum bought my a Chinese takeaway out of nowhere; what a ledge!

those are the first ones that come to mind since in my area (London) a different type of slang is commonly used amongst the youth.
Q: Has the lad a dog? Does this sound natural?
A: It's u.k English and it's older language that isn't spoken anymore.

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