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Q: What does lifesaver mean?
A: A person who saves a life (It can also be used as an expression)

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Q: This is a lifesaver for baby who has lost appetite. Does this sound natural?
A: × This is a lifesaver for baby who has lost appetite.
✓ This is a lifesaver for babies who have lost their appetites.

Q: a lifesaver
a swimming ring
a floatie

Are they the same thing?
A: A lifesaver is also known as a life ring. It is thrown into the water to help someone who is drowning or in trouble.

A swimming ring can refer to a life ring, but it can also refer to a recreational pool float in the same shape (a big O).

A floatie is any kind of floating pool toy that you can rest on. It's normally for recreational use.
Q: You are a lifesaver.
You are an angel.
You saved my life.

Are these expressions similar?
A: Depending on the context they can be similar expressions.

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