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Q: What does these lirycs

"I hit the strip with my trap queen 'cause all we know is bands
I just might snatch up a 'Rari and buy my boo a Lamb'
I might just snatch her a necklace, drop a couple on a ring" mean?
A: Basically: I went to the mall with my girlfriend because we are rich (it’s supposed to imply they’re successful and can buy whatever they please)
I might just buy a ferrari (expensive car) and her a lamborghini (expensive car)
I might just buy her a necklace and spend a couple thousand dollars on a ring for her (could be to propose or just buy jewelry)
Q: What does these lirycs mean?
A: Lived in the shade were throwin= throwing shade means dissing someone. So he embraced her even when she talked bad
Til all of my sunshine was gone=until he was unhappy
And I couldn’t away from ya=he stayed so long he couldn’t leave her
In my feelings more than drake so yeah= drake is a rapper who is known for his sad songs so he was saying he was more sad than Drake
Your name on my lips,tongue tied= he’s always talking about her
Free rent,livin in my head= he’s always thinking about her even though she doesn’t think about him
Q: What does these lirycs mean?
A: it seemed to me like.. that singer is being shamed,shaded in internet... he wakes up reading undesirable things abt him... he's calling himself ni**a..(myb) ... by shading, internet is trying to kick him out of this industry,fame... those haters(they're called bi*ches here) are trying not to let him fulfill his dreams.. they want him to fail over and over again... that's all I got ... hope this helps... and fyi it should be *lyrics*
Q: What does these lirycs mean?
A: Wow, haha! Just spelling, it should be lyrics. I love this song so I'm happy to give you my best interpretation, but you should know that these words are very informal and may mean different things to different people or even the artists themselves.

"For the diamonds on my pinky, need a gang of cool points."

The diamond jewelry on Swae Lee's pinky finger should earn him a lot of 'cool points' which isn't even something most people say at all. He's saying he should be seen as a cool guy because of his expensive pinky ring.

"And the drop head make 'em drop dead"
Drop head is slang for a convertible vehicle. So his car is making them "drop dead" or in other words, is amazing them and/or making them jealous.

"Ye ain't scared..."
I personally don't think this means much of anything. I also don't think he's saying you ain't scared, I think it's more like: Yeah ain't scared, yeah ain't scared... and he's just referring to himself not being scared or intimidated of anyone.

Happy to help explain more Rae Sremmurd music, I love them! LOL Maybe you can help me understand some Bad Bunny because I can barely understand that guy. :p
Q: What does these lirycs mean?
A: My life is messed up. I smoke weed, it’s true. You’re back with your ex-boyfriend and at his house. I’ll wait for you.
(That’s the general idea. It’s a song.)

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Q: What does mean these lirycs?

"I might just hit it raw, hold on, that's out my element"
A: Sounds like he might have sex without a condom, but then he decides not to.

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