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Q: What does “horn” in lone 51 mean?
A: to get on the horn = to call someone on the telephone or two-way radio
Q: What does lone 35 mean?
A: full Monty

British slang phrase meaning "everything, the whole lot" or, when used as an adjective, "all the way".
Q: What does lone 341 mean?
A: They're basically just repeating the previous sentiment ("To be this wrong about someone"), just with slightly different words, and leaving out most of the sentence to avoid needless repetition. So it'd be "This off" → "To be this off about someone."
Q: What does lone 934 mean?
A: that word is not in line 934

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Q: What is the difference between lone and lonely ?
A: Lone means "single" (like one)
There was a lone flower in the pot = There was a single flower in the pot

Lonely is the feeling
I don't have friends so I am lonely.
The man was lonely after his wife died.
Q: What is the difference between lone and lonely ?
A: Lone means someone is on their own but are for the most part okay with it, perhaps even confident because of it

"The lone man stood in front of the camera."

But with lonely it's more of a feeling

"She was lonely without you"
Q: What is the difference between lone and lonely ?
A: just to add on, lone does not mean lonely
Q: What is the difference between lone and alone ?
A: Both of them is Adjective, however 'Lone' have to change into 'Lonely' if you want to change it into adverb while you don't change 'Alone' into 'Alonely'.
In common use, Lone is used for an adjective noun which means the adjective is placed in front of the noun to form another detailed noun; for an example: you can use the word 'fat' in 2 ways, one of them as adjective noun which is 'Fat man', but you can also use it to describe something such as "That man is fat".
In this case (Lone) is commonly used for the first example; Lone (Noun) - > 'Lone Wolf' or 'Lone Bandit'.
While the word 'Alone' is used for the second example; "That man is alone".

For a quick understanding, just acclaim that 'Lone' and 'Alone' have the same meaning but different use.
Q: What is the difference between lone and lonely ?
A: Lone means one. You are the lone pedestrian on a street. The only one. Lonely means you have a feeling of being alone even though you may not be. You're feeling lonely even though there are others on the street with you. Usually associated with sadness.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? alone-----a lone
A: Check the question to view the answer

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