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Q: What does mash up mean?
A: Mash Up is usually used as a term of combining two songs and playing them at the same time, or the combing of two things.
Q: What does mash up mean?
A: Mix together, if you're using it as a verb. A mash up (as a noun) is a mix of two different things, (sort of a collaboration) frequently found in internet slang when talking about different books, TV shows or movies being combined! It's also used as a music term to mean a rearranged song, or a medley.
Q: What does mash up ? mean?
A: @lenawal: mix
Q: What does mash mean?
A: Sounds a little unnatural to me but maybe it's a regional thing. I would interpret it as a group of random, miscellaneous thing kind of lumped together. Not really related to one another.

I found a mish mash of books from my childhood. (Found some childrens books, some novels, a dictionary, etc.)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with mash.
A: there are not many common expressions, but the most common is Mashed potatoes.
More examples:
Mash the fruits to make a pulp.
Mash the tomatoes for the pasta sauce.
Q: Please show me example sentences with
To hinder
To mash
To oversee.
A: 1. The smoke hindered my ability to see
2. The artist mashed all of their new songs into an album
3. The manager was given the task to oversee the coal production

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Q: What is the difference between mash and crush ?
A: thanks so much
Q: What is the difference between mash and flirt ?
A: Match= 配对 flirt= 暧昧
Q: What is the difference between to mash, to mix and to lace ?
A: To mash something is to put a certain amount of force into making something into smaller pieces I guess. To mix is la mezcla and to lace something is to add drugs or alcohol into something especially without someone knowing.
Q: What is the difference between mash potato and mashed potatoes ?
A: Mash potato does not make sense. Using mash as a verb, you could say, "mash the potatoes in order to make mashed potatoes".
Q: What is the difference between mash up and merge ?
A: Mash up kind of means to put things together randomly, while merge is more of just coming together.
An example of merge could be when driving and you need to switch to the other lane, you would merge into it

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? How to mash
A: Does this answer your question?

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Q: A : Would you like to mash the potato?
B : How much?
A : Five or so.
B : I finished all mashed up. What's next? Does this sound natural?
A: How many instead of how much because potatoes are countable.
I mashed them all up instead of finished all mashed up
Q: I'd like mash potato instead of the fries.
(talking to the waiter while being in a restaurant) Does this sound natural?
A: A more natural way of saying it would be: I'd like mashed potatoes instead of fries.
(Answering the waiter while sitting in a restaurant)

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