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Q: What is the difference between All this over a measly 11$ and All this over measly 11$ ?
A: 1 is natural but old fashioned. Maybe they say it in the UK
2 is wrong
Q: What is the difference between measly and miserable ?
A: las dos son negativas pero llevan significados diferentes

measly = mero, poco, pequeño, nada suficiente, patético. Normalmente con una cantidad/cifra.
My parents gave me a measly $100 towards the cost of my car. (implica que estaba enojado, no lo aprecie, creo que deberían haberme dado más)
My girlfriend spends a measly two hours with me once a week.

miserable = estado de animo, muy infeliz
I went to school for a while but I was miserable, so I quit.
My girlfriend was miserable every time we had to go to my parents' house.

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