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Q: What does Namely mean?
A: "Namely" means you are going to provide an example of what you're talking about, or a proper noun of whom you are talking about with your statement. Basically you are going to name what you are describing. For example, "I like eating sandwiches, namely, roast beef sandwiches." The general statement of "I like eating sandwiches." was changed by adding the specific type I like the best. Another example is, "Im from the United States, namely, the state of California." I described the state in which I am from instead of finishing with the general statement of "Im from the United States."
Q: What does Namely mean?
A: that is to say; to be specific (used to introduce detailed information or a specific example).
"To me, there is only one kind of rock, namely, loud rock"

that is
that is to say
to be specific
in other words

Example sentences using "Namely"

Q: Please show me example sentences with Namely.
A: そのつもりだったのに、よく考えてみたら、その中で一つ二つがそのアドバイスに反することに気が付きました。以下の例文の方がいいかもしれません:
And Republicans think there is a viable alternative, at least for roads, bridges and other public projects—namely, user fees.
— William A. Galston, WSJ, "Partisanship Is Biden’s Way to the Highway," 6 Apr. 2021

Actually, there is a likely big difference, namely that there isn’t a human driving the car.
— Lance Eliot, Forbes, "Self-Driving Cars Aiming To Change Our Most Favorite Of Car Colors," 20 Mar. 2021

His most prominent partners – namely the Broadway landlords who house his shows, and his A-list stars, like Hugh Jackman and Bette Midler – have remained silent in the report’s wake.
— Lee Seymour, Forbes, "After Decades Of Abuse, Scott Rudin Will ‘Step Back’ From Broadway," 17 Apr. 2021

Another dimension emerges from the accounts of people who have survived extreme situations, whether at sea or in the mountains or even under imprisonment and torture—namely, an astonishing ability to use the imagination and an inner space.
— Luc-christophe Guillerm, Scientific American, "Coping Strategies of Ocean Castaways Hold Lessons for the COVID Pandemic," 16 Apr. 2021

Tensions during the hours-long markup remained high as lawmakers would tangentially squabble over unrelated issues, namely reports on the potential expansion of the Supreme Court.
— ABC News, "House committee advances reparations bill: 'We're giving America the opportunity for redemption'," 15 Apr. 2021

Many citizens saw the incident as symptomatic of the ongoing problems the country is facing, namely governmental failure, mishandling and corruption.
— Alan Taylor, The Atlantic, "Winners of the 2021 World Press Photo Contest," 15 Apr. 2021

After the bill cleared the Senate Wednesday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick praised his Senate colleagues, namely North Richland Hills GOP Rep. Kelly Hancock.
— Morgan O'hanlon, Dallas News, "Texas Senate advances winter storm bill to overhaul ERCOT board," 14 Apr. 2021

My habit of returning to the same favorites — namely the Salsiccia pizza, on which big dollops of melted cheese are paired with fennel sausage, a bright and tangy tomato sauce, and cherry peppers — left me unaware of the stellar fresh pasta.
—, "3 places we supported this week," 13 Apr. 2021
Q: Please show me example sentences with Namely.
A: = They brought lunch, namely sandwiches and soda.
= The scene showed off his best qualities, namely his quick wit and perfect timing.
= The gallery is situated in a home, namely the former residence of Andrew Carnegie.
= I have a new job: namely, as a teacher.
= Maybe you're afraid of an animal, namely, wolves. (Namely means almost exactly the same thing as specifically and is followed by an example or examples. This word also works something like the colon, which also introduces information)
= The whole point about 'namely' is that it introduces, in the same sentence, more information about something you have just mentioned.
Q: Please show me example sentences with Namely .
A: I think it's like 'especificamente' (specifically):

I would like to move to some other country - namely Mexico.

Some presidents, namely Donald Trump, are worse than others.
Q: Please show me example sentences with Namely.
A: “Namely” is similar to “for example,” but with more specificity.

“There are many places you can go during vacation that have sunshine, namely the beach and the ocean.”

Synonyms of "Namely" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between Namely, and In other words, and In short, ?
A: Namely is when you want to specify something or name an example.

"I really like chinese food, namely pork soup dumplings"

In other words is used when you want to rephrase or clarify something that was just said.

"Do you want to go get lunch with me now?"
"You see, Matt called me the other day and I promised I'd meet him in 10 minutes"
"So, in other words, no."

In short is when you want to summarise what was just said.

"What did you do yesterday?"
"I woke up, went to the bathroom, showered, ate, brushed my teeth, watched TV for 12 hours, and slept"
"So, in short, not much"

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