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Q: What does neighboring mean?
A: Next to each other
Q: What does neighboring mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does neighboring mean?

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Q: Please show me example sentences with neighboring.
A: Japan and Korea are neighboring countries.

I want to visit Germany and its neighboring countries.


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Q: What is the difference between neighboring and nearby ?
A: Neighboring is right next to you. Your next door neighbor, you upstairs neighbor, your downstairs neighbor (in an apartment building, for example). Your next door neighbor, in a house, might have a lot of trees; you could say, "The neighboring property has a lot of trees which cast shade on my garden," or "The neighboring property is on a lake, which I am not. I have to walk across their property to get to my boat." There is a sense of touching or being right next to you.

Nearby - could be down the street, "There is a coffee shop nearby - about a five minute walk." I would start nearby at about a five minute walk or drive or bicycle ride. There is bank at the end of my block - about 100 feet/30 meters from my front door. I would say, "There is a bank at the corner," There is another bank about 200 meters away - down a hill, and then around a corner. "That bank is nearby - about a five minute walk.,"

Let me know if this is clear. I take these questions seriously and want to be clear.
Q: What is the difference between neighboring and adjoining ?
A: Neighboring can mean that two things are close to each other but not touching, while adjoining implies that the two things are physically connected and touching

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