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Q: What does ここでのwouldはどういう使い方ですか?
Oh,no Kat. I would let it go . mean?
A: 「だめだよ。私なら放っておくね。」

would は仮定法という使い方で、意味的にwill(ここでは「するつもり」という意志) なのですが、「現実には発生していない仮の話」という意味がプラスされます。

Q: What does 뭐라고 말하고 있어요?
Oh yeah? I______get a cup. mean?
A: 아니에요
hope 이 부탁하려고 그러는 거면 도와달라고 하는 거잖아요
이것이 더 '도와줄게요' 그런 느낌이에요
제가 대답해드릴 수 있길 바랍니당 ^^
Q: What does 내 언어교환 친구가 불면증으로 고생하고 있어서, 너무 안 됐다는 의미로
"Oh, poor Mary."라고 했는데 적절한가요? mean?
A: Rather than that, it would be better to say: "I feel bad for Mary." If you are talking to Mary herself, then something like, "I'm sorry to hear that" would be good too.
Q: What does "You don't look well... Let me see... Oh! You are clammy! Let's get you a blanket and a thermometer" mean?
A: Mi intento, por si lo quieres en español:

No te ves bien... Déjame ver... Ay, pero qué sudado/a y frío/a estás! Déjame conseguirte una manta y un termómetro.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 어, 이런. 암호를 잊었네.
너 또 잊어버렸어?
어디 적어두지 않았어?
적어놨지. 근데 적어놓은걸 어디에 뒀는지 모르겠어.

Oh, no. I forgot my password.
Did you forget it again?
Didn't you write that down somewhere?
Of course, I did that. But I don't remember where I wrote.
A: Almost correct!

Oh, no. I forgot my password.
Did you forget it again?
Didn't you write it down somewhere?
Of course, I did. But I don't remember where I wrote it.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 그렇구나를 Oh, i see. 말고 쓸 수 있는 말은 무엇인가요? 매번 Oh, I see만 사용했는데 다른말은 없을까요?
A: Got you
I get it
well, yes
fair enough
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 노르웨이는 총기를 허용한다

Oh I see, I heard Norway allows guns or Norway allow guns
A: Norway allows firearms
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? 我的天(Oh my god)
A: If it's to express shock (大吃一惊), you could say:
"Oh my goodness"
"Oh my god"
"What the f**k"

Some less commonly used phrases:
"What in the blazes"
"For the love of god"
"Goodness gracious me"

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Q: Please correct me

Oh actually this is my second tiem visiting here but I'd lived here only during pandemic periods
There was nothing to do at that time
I'm gonna live here for 2 years so I wanna do a lot of things from now on.
A: That's good. 10/10
Q: オーストリアの人に、



Oh! Australia is Summer now.
A: Oh (that's right)! It's Summer in Australia right now.

Australia = Summer (Australia is Summer) ×

The *season* (it) in Australia = Summer (It is Summer in Australia) ✓
Q: When is “ Oh shit” used?
In the movie, Hero shouted “Oh shit “when a big bird attacked him.
A: Typically when something bad is happening or about to happen. Being attacked by the bird in your example, would not be a good thing.
Q: what else can you say instead of "Oh, my God/ Oh, gosh" ?
A: oh boy, oh my, good Lord, goodness, good grief, holy smoke, holy toledo...
Q: How do you write Oh Sa Re Na in korean?. Thank you.
A: 오사레나

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