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Q: What does OK without mean?
A: Nothing on its own. You would have to say like “Okay, but without the sparkles” or something, meaning it’s okay, but you have to change something to make it better.
Q: What does I’m OK with this. mean?
A: I'm not against this/ this does not bother me
Q: What does if that's OK with you mean?
A: "I'll borrow your van keys if that's OK with you."
It is a question in the form of a statement
It means "May I borrow your van keys?"

The way I remember it, people kind of stopped saying
"Is that OK with you?" and started saying "Are you OK with that?" in the 1980's maybe? I am not sure. But really you can say either one.

Almost always it is "with" but you can say something like
"I can schedule a 3:00 appointment if that is OK for you."
I think the reason that sounds natural is because it is an appointment "for" you.

In that specific case, however, I think it would be more natural to say "I can schedule a 3:00 appointment if that works for you."

Example sentences using "Ok"

Q: Please show me example sentences with OK'd.
A: “The board members OK’d the plan, so we can move forward with it.”

“Can you run this idea by our boss and get it OK’d by him?”

“The blueprints finally got OK’d. Next, we have to obtain the proper permits.”

OK’d = approved
Q: Please show me example sentences with OK
A: ok no
ok but I disagree
ok, what's your plan
are you ok?
yes I'm ok
no I'm not ok
why did you say ok if you didn't agree

Synonyms of "Ok" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between OK and Okie Dokie ?
A: okie dokie is more of a cutesy/playful way of saying OK
Q: What is the difference between OK and All right ?
A: There is not much of a difference, but I will try to point something out!

"Okay" = "Alright," but many people can perceive that you are more sad, frustrated, or disappointed when saying "alright" rather than "okay." They both mean the same thing, but connotation will differentiate the two.

"I'm okay."

"I'm alright."

Second one sounds more negative, right? If you want to hint to the person that you secretly are dissatisfied, use "alright." Otherwise, I suggest using "okay."
Q: What is the difference between It's OK. and It's so so. ?
A: There is not too much of a difference. They both mean the same thing.
"The dinner was so-so."
"The show was OK."
These both could mean the person was not happy or upset about something.
Q: What is the difference between OK and very well ?
A: They are both good in that context.

"Very well" means "That is good", or "I agree".

I'm not sure, but OK might have more meanings, it is more common.
Q: What is the difference between It's OK and That's OK ?
A: ok simply means alright.
and thats ok mean you are simply talking about something is alright.

for example: if i say to you that.
can i use your pen please?.
then you should say
that's ok.

Translations of "Ok"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 少し考えましたが、その価格でOKです。価格を変更しますので、そのまま購入してください。
A: After giving it some thought, I think that price is okay. It may soon change so please just buy it.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? あなたが本来どのような目的であのアプリを使っていたのか分かりませんが、あなたの意見には賛同できませんね。私のぺージには『直接会うOK』の項目を表示していませんよ。その段階であなたも気づいていたはずですよね? しかも私たちはそこまで深い会話をしていたわけではないですよ。どうしてそれが『貴方の時間を無駄にした』という結論に至るのか理解ができません。 そう思うならもう私に絡まなければいいじゃないですか。
A: I don’t know what you were using this app for originally, but I can’t agree with your opinion. I don’t even have it posted on my page that I’m okay with meeting in real life. There’s no way you could’ve have noticed, right? And it’s not like I was having any deep talks or anything, either. I can’t figure out how that means that I wasted your time. If that’s the case then you just shouldn’t associate with me.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? モニターに「終了」と表示されたら、「OK」をクリックして下さい。
A: Once the monitor shows “Completed”, please click “OK”.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? It's OK?
A: *everybody can create an account (instead of user) and impersonate another person.
*privacy not privacity
*First, if people upload images of themselves to this kind of website
*will be safe not save.
*too many things
*these publications
*social media websites
But really good overall :)
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? it's OK
A: Check the question to view the answer

Other questions about "Ok"

Q: It's OK?
A: ice skating should be in "go" box
Q: that's OK... Does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Anywhere OK with me. Does this sound natural?
A: you could also say "anywhere is alright"
Q: I like it OK. Does this sound natural?
A: Here are a few ways to say it. I've written them informally.

Do you like (whatever)?

-meh its fine
-yeah a bit
-yeah but not a lot

Formally, I might say, "I do like it, but not a lot." Or something to that effect. You can just change the examples I gave above to their proper, grammatically correct versions. If you want me to write them, just let me know.

It's kinda hard to translate it because "like" in English tends to be very broad. It encompasses everything from kind of liking something to really liking it (less than "love" though).

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