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Q: What does why is Oklahoma in the south but New Mexico is not? mean?
A: it has a lot to do with how the people act and the customs of those areas

Oklahoma is more similar in lifestyle to the people of the South

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Q: ''Do you should've gone to Oklahoma?''

That was a question from another person.
I wonder what is the correct way to ask that clarifying the destination
A: "should you have gone to Oklahoma?"
only one auxiliary verb is used at a time, for example, if you also want to use "do" you have to make another sentence like "do you think you should have gone to Oklahoma?"
Q: Oklahoma where oils blew out at 140 million Cubic per day was the biggest Gas well up to that time he drilled and cost 4.5 million Does this sound natural?
A: Here's a mediocre attempt at making the sentence a little better:

Oklahoma (missing name of gas well?), where oil was extracted at a rate of 140 million cubic feet per day, was the biggest gas well while it was in operation with a (what cost? running cost?) of 4.5 million (what currency? dollars?).

That still needs a lot of improving, but it's still an improvement.
Q: Oklahoma 的天氣如何?!
A: @00612joyce: how's the weather in Oklahoma?

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