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Q: What does "operation under the hard shell of the Iranian regime's protection"? mean?
A: It means that whatever the operation is, the Iranian government approves and protects the operators and keeps others from interfering.
hard shell = gives a visual, makes you think of a protective shield.
Q: What does due to their operation constrain at last minutes mean?
A: This is more answerable.

Operational constraints at the last minute sounds like they ran out of time and couldn't make things work.
Q: What does due to their operation constrain at last mean?
A: We need a little more context (more words around it) I think. My best guess at the above:

due to- because of

their- belonging to them

operation- can mean surgery/medical procedure. Can mean a military event. Can mean using a machine.

constrain- means to hold something in. constraint is the noun that means the same and probably what you want here.

at last- finally

So, put it all together and it means:

because of them finally pulling in the surgery/military/working the machine.

Which makes as little sense to me as to you, friend.
Q: What does execute operation "arclight" mean?
A: Execute means initiate or begin. Begin Operation Arc Light.
Inizia l'operazione Arc Light.
Q: What does the operation of 〜 mean?
A: approximation/ approximately

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Q: Please show me example sentences with operation.
A: The surgeon performed an operation on the patient.

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Q: What is the difference between operation and operating ?
A: Operation is:
Make this operation on pc to me please

Operating: I'm operating a machine
Q: What is the difference between operation and operating and operate ?
operation manual, operating manual, and operating instructions all make sense depending on the sentence.
Q: What is the difference between I'm supposed to have an operation on my throat. and I'm scheduled to have an operation on my throat. ?
A: the first sentence means that you need to, or are going to have an operation on your throat but maybe you don't know when that is going to happen.

the second sentence means you have arranged a specific date on which you are going to have the operation performed.
Q: What is the difference between operation and surgery ?
A: "Operation" has a very general meaning, it can refer to medical procedures involving surgery, but it can also refer to other activities, processes, or missions.

"Surgery" is specifically an operation that involves making a medical incision (cut) or the use of medical tools to manipulate wounds or internal parts of the body.

In UK English specifically, "surgery" also has another meaning that is roughly equivalent to the US term "doctor's office". It basically refers to a place where patients receive medical advice and treatment from a particular doctor (or dentist).
Q: What is the difference between operation and surgery ?
A: In medicine, they often have the same meaning. They both can be used when a doctor is cutting open your body to try to fix something. There are some differences:

1. Operation is a "countable noun" (可算名詞), surgery is (usually) a "mass noun" (不可算名詞).
I needed an operation on my hip.
I needed surgery on my hip.
He's had several operations.
He's had a lot of surgery.

2. Surgery can also refer to this type of work in general.
In these sentences, we cannot substitute the word "operation" for "surgery":
Surgery has become more advanced.
He specializes in plastic surgery.
Doctors study for many years to learn surgery.

3. "Operation" is a more general word for any practical or mechanical process. For this reason, you might see "surgical operation" used sometimes. "Surgery" is specific to medicine, so "surgical operation" makes it clear that it is a medical type of "operation".

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? How can I use “ operation “?
A: Example sentences:
1. This operation is completed
2. Ever since my cancer operation, I feel a lot better.
3. The construction and operation of this building is very good.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? operation in the following sentence
"Citi car is as OPERATION that provides car for rent
A: Significa simplemente ‘empresa’
otras palabras en inglés - business/enterprise
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? The entire operation lasted around 30 minutes ? Iski hindi kya hogi ?
A: 30 minutes tak pura operation chalta raha.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 請問你們的營業時間是什麼時候 what is your operation time?
A: What is your business hours?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? oversaw the daily operation of exportation process with the new markets

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Q: 拭き取り作業手順(要領書)
Wiping operation's procedures Does this sound natural?
A: "Wiping procedures (Instruction Manual)" I think this sounds more natural.
Q: If you don't get over the operation, you will die. Does this sound natural?
A: I wouldn't use get over in this specific context, I'd say something like:

if you don't get through the operation, you'll die.

It doesn't sound right using "get over" in this case, but maybe it's just me 😅
Q: The operation will be finish after two hours, Does this sound natural?
A: @jimves: yes
Q: I'm reading an operation record. There are three staff names: surgeon's, assistant's and sister's names. What is "sister" here?
A: sister = a senior female nurse
Q: execute an operation to,from and in given body of water...... What does it mean?
A: It's a little broken but I think I understand what you mean now.

The Navy will execute operations on the surface or under any body of water. The sentence is really strange. I would say it like this.

The Navy executes it operations on any body of water; on the surface or below in the depths. Hope this helped.

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