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Q: What does oust mean?
A: To get rid of someone, to drive out.

E.g. A player was ousted by his team because he hit the manager.

(So the player did something bad and his teammates made him leave.)
Q: What does To oust mean?
A: it means to expel, supplant, "kick out" overthrow, topple.
Q: What does oust mean?
A: drive out (person)

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Q: What is the difference between oust and supersede ?
A: The peasants approached the castle to oust the King. (force the King out of power)

The King's command supersedes the guard's command. (The King's authority overrides the gaurd's)
Q: What is the difference between oust and overthrow ?
A: Oust is just get rid of (a person) and it could be fair means or foul.
Overthrow implies more force and more people.
The rebels planned to overthrow the government
He used to be the boss, but he was ousted by someone who had been his best friend.
Q: What is the difference between oust and expel and drive out ?
A: They are used interchangeably. They are synonyms.

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