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Q: What does pretty outdated mean?
A: Thank you so much!
Q: What does outdated mean?
A: Outdated means it's old or not used any more
Q: What does outdated mean?
A: It means that something is old or not trendy anymore.

Eg. This style of interior design is so outdated.
Q: What does outdated mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Please show me example sentences with outdated.
A: The iPhone 4 is outdated.
That’s outdated; no one uses it anymore.
The way some older people think is outdated.
The software on my computer is outdated; I need an upgrade.
The ideals of this country are outdated, and need to change.

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Q: What is the difference between outdated and outmoded ?
A: They are very similar, sometimes used interchangeably.

The "mode" in "outmoded" comes from a French word that means "fashionable". So "outmoded" means "out of fashion".
Q: What is the difference between old-fashioned and outdated ?
A: It could be either, depending on how recently it went out of use! If it was slang from the 1990s I'd use outdated; if it was the language of the 1890s I'd call it old-fashioned.
Q: What is the difference between outdated and out of fashion ?
A: “out of fashion” usually only applies to clothes. “outdated” is a general term.
Q: What is the difference between outdated and obsolete ?
A: outdated is more like something not used anymore and has a newer version.
i.e iPhone 4 vs iPhone 11

obsolete is more exaggerated than outdated, more like comparing things from separate generations and is seen as something inferior and odd to use (if that makes sense)
i.e VHS to DVD (not the best example)
Q: What is the difference between old-fashioned and outdated and obsolete and archaic and outmoded ?
A: Old fashioned can mean out-of-date "her clothes are old fashioned", but it can also mean traditional in a good way, like "old-fashioned ice cream". Outdated is always negative. It means that there is something newer and better that replaced it. "That version of the app is outdated." Obsolete means the passage of time has made it useless. "Eight-track tapes are obsolete." Archaic is really old, as in historical, but it can also be used metaphorically. "That version of Latin is archaic." "His teaching methods are archaic." Outmoded is kind of a cross between old fashioned and outdated. "The horse-drawn carriage is an outmoded form of transportation."

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Q: Any of these outdated?
A: Yes the bottom two are it would be more natural to use the first two

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