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Q: What does I'm overboard mean?
A: If someone says "you've gone overboard", and you have not fallen off of a boat (the common definition), then they mean you've taken an idea or thought and have went too far with it.

We enjoyed dressing up for the party, but she has really gone overboard. (she was dressed far better than everyone else)
We were teasing our brother about his new hairstyle but his sister has gone overboard. (she teased him too much)
The movie was trying to make a point that too much money is a bad thing, but I think they have gone overboard. (they were excessive in their portrayal about the evil of money)
Q: What does overboard mean?
A: It depends on the context but like fullmoon93 said it would most likely mean too much. For example "you went overboard on the perfume" means you put on too much perfume.
Q: What does overboard mean?
A: It has a few meanings

To go overboard is to do something too much or over the top.
For example, liking Lady Gaga is okay but getting a tattoo of her is overboard.

and of course overboard also means to fall out of a boat.
Q: What does overboard mean?
A: 1. It can mean too much. In excess.

"Wow. He really went overboard with the sugar. These cookies taste horrible"


2. It can be the state of being off of a ship and in the water.

"Captain overboard!"
"He fell overboard, and drowned."
Q: What does she's overboard mean?
A: She's over the top, she's acting too dramatically

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Q: Please show me example sentences with "overboard".
A: good one, thanks
Q: Please show me example sentences with overboard .
A: “when she’s angry, she tends to go overboard”
Q: Please show me example sentences with overboard.
A: "your going to overboard"? Really?

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