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Q: What does I'd pace yourself mean?
A: DUI = Driving Under the Influence. It's the crime your charged with when you're caught driving a vehicle while drunk.
They're advising this person to slow down their drinking so they don't get drunk, because they have to drive home after.
Q: What does He set a brisk pace and we struggled to keep up. mean?
A: "he set" means he began and kept doing the action. "brisk" in this context means fast and "pace" implies that he's walking at a steady speed so a "brisk pace" means he's walking fast. "we struggled" means that we are having difficulty and "to keep up" means that we are trying to walk at the same pace as him

so basically it means "he is walking fast and we are having difficulty walking at the same speed as him"
i hope this helps!

fun fact: "brisk" by itself usually means the temperature is cold. someone could say "its brisk outside this morning" and that would mean its cold. its normally just used within the context of weather when talking about temperature though. you wouldn't say "this ice is brisk".
Q: What does "pace"

their own PACE mean?
A: pace is like a step, "ir a su propio paso" o a su propio ritmo
Q: What does beautifully paced mean?
A: When a novel is beautifully paced, it often implies that the plot moves along smoothly. Furthermore, not too much information is revealed too fast and the author gives the reader the right information at the time.
Q: What does pace art mean?
A: pace art...I think it's a art gallery/museum or university or idk ...pace means like your speed. like slow or fast.. and art is like painting or how you see a certain object that is art

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Q: Please show me example sentences with pace.
A: When I am deep in thought, I pace in my living room. (deambular)
The treasure chest is two paces forward, and three to the left. (paso)
When you run a race, don't go really fast at the start. Pace yourself so you don't get so tired.
We're going too slow to get there in time. Let's pick up the pace!
Q: Please show me example sentences with Snail’s pace .
A: The line was moving at a snail's pace.

My grandmother moves at a snail's pace.

Traffic during rush hour, moves at a snail's pace.

"At a snail's pace" means something, or someone, is moving extremely slow.
Q: Please show me example sentences with "pace".
A: I like playing games that are fast pace

my running pace is very slow

my friend has a faster pace than me, and I usually struggle to keep up

Q: Please show me example sentences with pace.
A: Don't eat so fast, pace yourself.

When you are running a long race, you need to pace yourself, or you won't be able to finish.

Synonyms of "Pace" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between pace and walk ?
A: "pacing" usually refers to when somebody is walking back and forth constantly, as if they're nervous or guilty. "a pace" is an old fashioned word for "a step."
Q: What is the difference between "pace" and "speed" ?
A: Pace is often used with walking or running. Speed is more often used for machines or something that is not moving your legs. Both mean how fast something is happening.
Q: What is the difference between pace and step ?
A: Step is when you move your leg to walk, or the process to do something.

Take five steps left.

The first step is to boil the water.

That being said, you can walk at someone's pace, meaning you are able to walk beside them without getting left behind.

Pace is similar to a rhythm.

'We help our clients keep pace with our global economy' means they help clients stay in rhythm (or stay current / up-to-date, not left behind) with the global economy.
Q: What is the difference between pace and speed ?
A: pace is the rate at which you move, speed is how fast. ex. the turtle had a steady pace which let him beat the hare, who didn't keep up his burst of speed.

Translations of "Pace"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? He was too forward to marriage.He told me we could move on at my pace but he was always talking about our future life like where to live,which school our future kids go specifically.Even university.
A: Please do correct me if I'm wrong (I'm still learning too^^)

He was too young (if you preffered it to his age) for marriage. He told me we could move to my place but he always talked about our future like where to live, which school our future kids would be spesifically, even for university.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? pace
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? what’s different between pace and step
A: You can use both to measure distance but pace usually means stride which is a little more than a step so you can use it approximately. Pace is also used to show the rythm you walk or do something. For example, "Don't hurry to come/ finish your exercise, do it at your own pace". Step, on the other hand is used for precise distance ( eg.ten steps away ), the motion of walking (eg. watch your step, you may fall) or even the procedure to do something (eg.You need to follow five steps to install this programme).
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? I can't keep pace with you.
A: say "I can't keep up with you"

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Q: He shouted as he picked up his pace, fuming.

Does "fume" mean "be angry"?
Please tell me example sentences with fume.
A: Yes, 'to fume' in this case is to be very angry. 'Fume' as a noun = smoke, gas, etc. that's usually dangerous. As a verb, it can mean to emit that kind of smoke, gas, or vapor. But a third definition is to show or express a lot of anger.

"She fumed at the sight of her ex-boyfriend with another girl."
"Fuming, Aaron swore never to play with Jake again."
Q: He can't match the pace of his lifestyle with others. Does this sound natural?
A: "He can't​ afford his lifestyle" sounds more natural.
Q: I would like to exercise at own my pace. Does this sound natural?
A: There might be other ways to say it but you're not wrong
Q: We will be walking in a comfortable pace and take a rest when we will need it. Does this sound natural?
A: We will be walking at a comfortable pace and take a rest when we need it.
Q: I can imagine what a furious pace you are living now. Does this sound natural?
A: вполне грамотная фраза, состоящая из хорошей лексики

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