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Q: What does What does perky mean?
Is it positive or negative ? mean?
A: 1. When describing a person, it means lively, cheerful and energetic. 

He wasn't quite as perky as normal.
She had a perky, independent spirit.

2. It also has a sexual meaning, kind of a slang term, the part(s) of the body usually referred to as being "perky" are breasts/buttocks.
Q: What does perky mean?
A: Lively, enthusiastic, standing upright
Q: What does perky mean?
A: cheerful, lively, upbeat
Q: What does perky and corky ( could you use them in a sentence too? ) mean?
A: Corky is a slang word which combines both cute and dorky ( aka silly)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with perky.
A: Most high school cheerleaders are very perky.
Q: Please show me example sentences with perky.
A: She has a very perky personality とか?

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Q: What is the difference between perky and happy ?
A: Perky and happy essentially mean the same thing.
For example, you could say
- "She's very perky today"
but, you can also say
- "She's very happy today"
Q: What is the difference between to be perky and to be lighthearted ?
A: Perky is more like being energetic and always happy, while lighthearted means carefree

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Q: perky life is it the same with happy life?
A: No. A happy life is one of contentment and gratitude and some measure of peace.
Perky has to do with a person’s energy and excitement.
We do not say perky life; rather we say a person is a perky person.

She is perky, meaning that she is excited about the things she does and does things with energy with a joyful and radiant face.
Q: can I say perky life? or this adj. is suitable only for persons?
A: only for persons, but you can say happy life or exciting life
Q: You have perky voice.
Is this correct?
A: Oh, that is unexpected! Thank you!
Q: You're in perky form, aren't you? Does this sound natural?
A: You look upbeat, aren't you? Is this correct??

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