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Q: What does What does "plumb" mean in this sentence? It's a line from the animation movie "Rango".

"My daddy plumb loved baked beans. " mean?
A: @mavus

My daddy definitely loved baked beans.
My daddy loved baked beans for real.

This expression is common in some parts of the USA. It refers to A plumb line, which is used to correctly build houses. If you build the wall up in the exact direction of the plumbline, it will absolutely 100% be perfectly correct.

So the expression just means, totally. Definitely. For real. 100%
Q: What does "plumb" mean?
A: a plumb is used to measure the depth of water
Q: What does to plumb mean?
A: It means to go deeper - to explore his mind. It is a metaphor - a plumber would go below the surface to connect water pipes from a building to a main pope/water source
Q: What does plumb mean?
A: In this context it’s thinking. Though it is not a common phrase unless they meant thumbing, which means going through in this context
Q: What does plumb mean?
A: You can also find out how high/deep something is.
"She plumbed the depths"

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Q: Please show me example sentences with plumb.
A: The plumber will come today to do some plumbing in the bathroom.

You don’t hear the word plumb often by itself.
A plumber usually ‘fixes’ your plumbing issues

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Q: What is the difference between plumb and explore ?
A: Plumb means to examine in great detail, while explore is used more lightly. to explore something is more like examining something in lesser detail, like as if you were to explore the woods, you wouldn't go search every tree or shrub or piece of dirt, while if you were to ‘plumb’ the forest (I've never heard this used before), you would inspect every detail and examine everything.
Q: What is the difference between plumb and vertical ?
A: 'Plumb' (noun) - A tool used to measure a vertical line.
'Vertical' - 1. (Adjective.) Straight up and down. 2. (Noun) A vertical line.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? plumb
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: plumb person's thought.
I'm plumb tired.

Do you use these expressions now, or are they obsolete ?
A: They are pretty old expressions, only older people would say those. It’s a shame because they sound so nice!
Q: What does "He's plumb wore out." mean?

It's a very old-fashioned way of saying – he is extremely tired
Q: "I plumb forgot it",what does plumb means?how to use this word?
A: This sentence does not make sense. Using 'plumb' here is incorrect.

'I completely forgot it' would make sense.
Q: What does "plumb" in 128 mean?
A: "Very gosh darn concerned!" or "overwhelmed with concern!"
It basically means "very" and is associated with certain dialects--maybe western, in reference to "cowboy" from the line before.
Q: It's plumb blossoms season in Japan. Unlike cherry blossoms, which come into full bloom all at once and fall in just a few days, plumb trees gradually open their flowers. Besides, each different variety blooms at slightly different time and keeps pleasing us for a long period of time when there are scarcely any other flowers. Does this sound natural?
A: Sounds good but you need "a" between "at" and "slightly". Also "besides" is unnecessary.

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