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Q: PPE plays a pivotal role when it comes to put caregivers’ safety first. Does this sound natural?
A: × PPE plays a pivotal role when it comes to put caregivers’ safety first.
PPE plays a pivotal role when it comes to putting caregivers’ safety first.

Q: what do you think about the PPE degree ? is it really useful and prestigious to find a job in England or aboard ?
A: So typically it is very highly regarded, but that is more because the universities which offer it are very prestigious, particularly Oxford.

A few others offer it (like York and King's College London I think), but when you say PPE degree people instantaneously think of Oxford.

Often people take it as a route into British politics, such as the former Prime Minister David Cameron. Ed Balls is a Labour politician who also has a PPE degree.

Lots of journalists also have one, and many high ranking employees of the BBC have a PPE degree.

All of those people got their degrees at Oxford however. It is likely the university and not the degree itself are the greater source of prestige. It also depends on what field you want to work in, it is a good degree to get a job in government, the civil service, journalism or at a think tank, but less so for other careers.

Realistically any good degree from Oxford is respected and it wouldn't necessarily need to be a PPE degree to get the same employment opportunities. Part of the reason people with a PPE degree end up in high positions is because they can network with many other ambitious students while studying it. These contacts are also very useful for them.

There is now some stigma attached to it as well because some people see the degree as only studied by posh private school graduates, and that it's an unfair symbol of privilege and Oxford PPE graduates have a lot of power.

There are obviously people who are not privileged who study PPE. Malala Yousfzai studies PPE at Oxford after she fought for women's rights to an education in Pakistan. She was shot and treated at a hospital in Birmingham in the UK. I just wanted to give a full picture of all the different perspectives of the degree.

Internationally I don't know what the opinion of PPE specifically is, but I know Oxford is still world renowned. A PPE degree from another university would still be somewhat respected as all the universities that offer it are good and it is considered an academic course, but they would not be as prestigious as a PPE degree from Oxford.

I hope this was helpful for you, and cleared up some things.

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