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Q: What does railed mean?
A: It can mean to speak poorly of someone, but it has another meaning...

Oh man, how do I explain this...
It's a bit inappropriate-
Railed - Urban Dictionary

Q: What does Getting railed mean?
A: to have sex with someone. Very rude way of saying it.
Q: What does railed against mean?
A: despotricar, una diatriba

"Do you like Donald Trump?"
"Oh my God no! He is the biggest loser this country has ever seen! He's absolutely horrible! He is destroying everything ..." continues for 10 minutes. This is 'to rail against' Donald Trump.
Q: What does got railed mean?
A: I only know what it means in a sexual context.. There is a website called which is good for words like that, which I don't want to describe here.

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